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How to reach the Crown Tundra with the new Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC

How to reach the Crown Tundra with the new Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC

Pokemon Sword and Shields Crown Tundra expansion I finally arrived. Like its predecessor, the Isle of Armor extension, this DLC introduces a wealth of additional Pokemon and content into the game, including new areas to explore: the Arctic, featuring its own story, cast, and wild Pokemon. Catch the Crown Tundra bearing the name of the sphere.

As with Armor Island, the Crown Tundra is separate from the mainland Garal. You don’t have to clear to access the Sword and Shield main storyline, but you’ll need to talk to a specific character to reach new areas and content. Here’s how to get to the Crown Tundra.

How to access the Crown Tundra

If you already have a Pokemon Sword or Shield Extension Pass, launch a copy of the game after installing the latest update and you will be notified that you have received your Crown Pass.As you had to do Access the island of armor, You will need to return to Wedgehurst Station, present your Crown Pass to the staff near the gate and board the train to Crown Tundra. If you are visiting the tundra for the first time, you can quickly return to the tundra from anywhere in the galal.

How to buy a Crown Tundra

Of course, before you can access Crown Tundra and its new content, you need to do the following: Buy DLC.. Bundled with the Sword Island and Shield Expansion Pass, it can be downloaded from the Switch eShop for $ 30.

If you don’t have the DLC yet, keep in mind that there is an extension path for each version. For example, if you have a Pokemon Sword, you will need to purchase a special Pokemon Sword Expansion Pass. The basic story and content are the same for both versions, but each game has some version-specific Pokemon.

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