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How to record calls in Zalo is very simple

How to record calls in Zalo is very simple

Wednesday April 28, 2021 08:05 AM (GMT + 7)

Below is a guide on how to record Zalo calls on phones and computers for you to use in case of need.

How to record Zalo calls on the phone

By default, the Zalo app does not have this feature built in, so if you want to record calls to store information or for any reason, you need to install additional support apps.

-If you use a phone Android You can download the Cube ACR application from the link this. This is an application that has call recording on your phone or applications such as Zalo, Viber, Zoom, Line, Facebook …

How to record calls in Zalo is very simple - 2

-After a successful installation, open and proceed to grant access to the Cube AVR application. First, allow active permissions for applications to access the call by pressing Allow to continue -> Click on enable overlay for application. To complete the activation, choose Installed Services -> Enable Cube ACR App Connector.

– Then you just need to open the Zalo app and make a call, you also need to agree to record calls on Zalo. Then the screen will automatically show the microphone recording app icon. If you want to turn off or stop recording, touch the icon.

The Cube ACR app will automatically record the call and display it as a list for you to follow and find. The recording will show the person we called in Zalo.

Guide to record Zalo calls on computer

Recording calls on a computer is easier. You can use the built-in voice recording tool (note that before recording you need to check whether the microphone connected to the computer is working properly, it can play sound or record sound or not).

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How to record calls in Zalo is very simple - 3

How to record calls in Zalo is very simple - 4

Then open the Voice Recorder app in Windows 10 to record. In the Zalo interface, click the person you want to make a call, and then click the phone icon to make a call. At the same time, you also press the microphone icon in the Voice Recorder app to record the call. When you end the call or want to turn off the recording, press the microphone icon again. The system will automatically record calls in Zalo.


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