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How to recycle old toys: creative and original ideas


Your children are older, but do you still have a house full of their toys? Here you have many creative proposals to recycle old toys.

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Throwing away objects that are still intact is a real shame, even those that we think have no use anymore. In fact, everything can have a second life, including games. If you don’t have someone to give them to, here are some original ideas to make them unique furniture: let’s see how to recycle old toys.

How to recycle old toys

Sometimes you just need to free your imagination to get real works of art.

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The best results are achieved even with very humble starting materials.

What matters, in fact, is the enthusiasm to try your hand at creative and original creations, which they will beautify your home making it truly unique.

After all, there is no greater satisfaction than displaying an object made with our hands.

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The proposals and ideas are really numerous: from chandeliers to lampshades, through glass jars, this is how to recycle old toys.

Create a DIY candle holder

Ever thought that you could use plastic toy soldiers and animals to make suggestive chandeliers?

recycle old toys
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After all, it’s easier than it sounds: all you need are candles, hot glue, and any spray paint, to give everything a touch of elegance and refinement.

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Decorate the lids with old toys.

For DIY enthusiasts who don’t necessarily have a lot of experience in this field, there is a really simple idea, but a very impressive one.

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Which? Recycle old toys to decorate glass jar lids.

Instead of throwing them away, these containers can be reused for store spices, seeds, legumes and much more.

A really suggestive way to beautify your pantry, then, is to glue old toys to the lid with hot glue.

recycle old toys
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Are you a particularly original person and do you like to stand out? Why not bring some to life? truly unique wedding favors, inserting many delicious colored sugared almonds into the jars ?!

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Recycle Old Toys: DIY Lampshades

Those who are more familiar with crafts will be able to make beautiful lampshades.

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In this case, old toys can be used to cover the lamp rod, bringing to life a truly sought after and unique object, a really negligible cost.

From superhero figures to toy animals, your only limit is your imagination!

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After creating the composition and gluing it on with hot glue, just use the spray paint to complete the job with a finishing touch of great effect.

How to make jars out of old toys

You love plants and are always looking for vases and containers that can enhance the plant species around you.

recycle old toys
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There is no better solution, then, than to recycle old toys to create gods. creative and ingenious vessels to house your plants.

recycle old toys
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The ideal games? Cars and vans, or dinosaurs, that will give the whole a really amazing effect!

Recycle Old Toys: The Skateboard Rack

Have you ever thought about repurposing old skateboards creatively?

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Here they can be transformed with a pinch of imagination into super original shelves, to be fixed to the wall with the help of a drill and where to store books, frames and much more!

Decorate the furniture with DIY handles.

Finally, another really original and simple idea to recycle old toys is to use them to decorate furniture and drawers.

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Like? Replacing the classic handles and fixing dinosaurs, toy cars, toy soldiers in their place … and so on!

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