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How to Reduce PING in PUBG mobile/PC? What is Ping/Latency?


Hey PUBG players, Are you experiencing a higher ping issue? Don’t worry, I am going to tell you ‘How to reduce Ping in PUBG mobile or PC?’. Or in other words ‘How to reduce Latency in Pubg?’

After using these simple steps I am sure that your Ping issue will be solved. So let’s have a deep discussion on the topic below.

What is Ping in PUBG Mobile?

Basically, the Ping time means the time required for a request to reach the server and return as a response. In PUBG Mobile, Ping plays a major role in order to survive.

Ping time is also referred as latency in online gaming.

What is Ping?

In PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC ping is the time required to send the server (In which you are playing) request and receive the response. Usually Ping is shown in the left corner of the screen.

Example: 80ms

How Ping/Latency works in PUBG?

Suppose, you clicked the button of fire, This request of fire is then transmitted to the server for registering the fire. When the server registers the fire, it sends the response to the client (which is your mobile).

This procedure takes times which is known as Ping.

Now, Suppose a if you are living in Europe and playing in Europe server.

You will get a latency of 30 ms to a server about 750 miles away from you in New York, then the latency of 290 ms to a server located in Sydney, Australia, roughly 10,000 miles away. The distance to the server obviously makes a huge difference.

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Optimal Ping Range in PUBG

The optimal ping or latency to play any online game is better when it is low as can be. Lower the Latency – Higher the Gaming experience is.

  • 20-40ms – Exellent
  • 50-70ms – Good
  • 80-120ms – Average
  • 130-160ms – Not bad
  • 160 -200ms – Bad
  • 200-250ms – Very bad
  • 250-300++ Worst
  • 996ms = Your Internet is dead.. :p xD

Factors which affect Ping/Latency

There are so many factors which affects the latency or ping directly or indirectly. They are shown as following:

  • Internet Source (WiFi/Mobile/Ethernet)
  • Distance
  • Auto Sync or Auto Update of Mobile.
  • Mobile Gaming Booster APP
  • Whats App (auto-download function)
  • Background Apps
  • RAM
  • Processor
  • Devices connected in Network
  • Network Strength

This function usually takes your data or block it from using. That’s why you will get high ping during gaming. Now I am going to tell you how can you fix ping in Pubg Mobile or PUBG PC.

How to improve your Ping?

Here now, I am going to tell you all ‘How to fix ping issues in PUBG MOBILE?’. Let me tell you all that this is the tested methods and tips.

I am going to share you 7 simple steps or things to improve your ping or latency.

1.Check your Internet Speed

First of all Check your Internet Speed online. You can use tools like By Ookla or Google Speed Test.

How to reduce latency in Pubg Mobile
Ping issue Fixing Using Speed Test

If your Ping is showing lower in this test then you can use the following methods. If your ping is higher then it may be issue with your wifi router or network itself. For that you can use the suggestions given below.

2.USE WiFi 5 GHz instead of 2.5 GHz

There are two types of routers available which is 5 GHz and 2.5 GHz. As from name you can understand the 5 GHz is much faster than 2.5 GHz. Using 5 GHz WiFi router can help you to fix the issues.

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3.Turn OFF Auto-updates / Sync

Auto-Updates and Auto Syncing Usually takes lots of data when you are connected with WiFi. For Fixing this turn off the Auto Updates and Sync from setting

  1. Open Settings
  2. Accounts/Sync
  3. Turn it OFF.

The auto Updates of Playstore or App Store can be turned off from the setting section of Play Store and App Store respectively.

4.Turn Off Background Apps Activity

Background activities of apps not only take your data resources but also takes RAM and memory resources. So, it is better to turn off the background activities of un-necessary apps. To do that use the following method:

  • Open settings
  • Open Apps >> Manage Apps>> Turn off Data Access
  • Second, Use Developer Options >> Restrict Background Apps after exit
  • Then Manually turn off Whats App Downloads.
  • Force Stop Google Drive And Gmail
  • Force Stop all unwanted Apps
  • That’s All.
How to Reduce Ping IN PUBG Mobile
How to reduce PUBG ping

This will definitely help you to reduce ping in PUBG mobile.

5.Connect to nearest Server

The time required to travel 100km is obviously less than the time required to travel 500km. The same applies in the case of data, If you connected to servers that are far from you, you will get higher latency/ping.

Example: You are living in Europe, and Playing in Asia server (which is located in Singapore), You will experience latency of 250ms. In the second case, if you are playing in the Europe server you will get a latency of 40ms.

It all depends on speed, distance, and, packet loss. Connecting to the nearest server will reduce ping in PUBG mobile.

6.Use 4G LTE Only Mode

In some cases, If you allow your mobile to select network mode automatically. Your network will continue to jump from one frequency to another. So, I recommend you to use the setting as given below;

How network mode affects Ping in PUBG mobile?
Fix ping in pubg

Advantages of low Ping in PUBG?

There are so many advantages of low ping, not a single disadvantage.

  • You can see enemy faster
  • Your fires get registered early
  • You can move and shoot fast
  • You mobile will heat less
  • So many advantages

Disadvantages of High Ping in PUBG?

There are so many disadvantages of High ping or latency in PUBG mobile.

  • Your Shot will require higher time to get registered
  • Your response will be late in game.
  • Your game will lag like hell
  • You will definitely dies in close combats.
  • pubg ping.25u

pubg ping.25


I will say that, low ping is the important factor in order for a good game play. If you don’t have a good and fast internet connection, you will not have a good game play. So, for this the above steps may help you for reducing the ping in pubg mobile. I have tried it personally and it works amazingly.

That is all from my side, hope you all like it and share it with your friends.


Where to check my ping in pubg?

The Ping status is given in the left corner of the display. It is given in the format of 80ms.

What “ms” in pubg mobile ping stands for?

The “ms” is the short form of mili seconds, as ping is the time required for server to response, it is showm in time unit.

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