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How to Renovate Your Home for Spring 2021


Season of rebirth par excellence, the spring It brings with it the desire for change, not only in ourselves, but also in what surrounds us, starting from the places where we live.

This year the feeling is of having a déjà vu from last March, when the world crashed, forcing us at home for a couple of months without being able to do anything. Today as then, the warm season was about to begin, and what better time to revive domestic spaces?

Weekends marked by monotony will become a distant memory if they dedicate themselves to house renovationAlso because spending a lot of time in the same environment gives rise to the desire to make it comfortable and unique to feel at ease.

Being the time of year when plants and flowers sprout to new life, it might be a good idea. bring a bit of nature to the different corners of the home, especially at a time when being in contact with the outside becomes complicated. But now let’s see the novelties that are going to be introduced in some rooms of the house.

Freshness in the bedroom

The long dark winter will soon make room for the fresh spring air, which with its bright days will illuminate the rooms, also thanks to the color chosen for the walls. Among the most popular are light or pastel shades, but also green in its brightest shades could be the star of the season.

For those who want to dare more, enrich the walls with floral or multi-colored motifs it can be a good option to adapt to the next change.

Key element to consider when you want to revolutionize the Bedroom in spring it’s me fabrics– Heavy blankets make room for lighter, more comfortable fabrics to wrap around.

the cotton will give a feeling of freshness to the skin thanks to its breathable effect, while the satin it will be soft to the touch and will have the ability to beautify the area with your own good looks.

Relaxing in the bedroom is essential, and for this you also need the right light: without it it would not be possible to rest properly. During the day it is good to try to get as many of them as possible into the room, opting for a few sheer weft curtains that will be able to filter the sun’s rays inside, creating games of light.

by and furniture, the favorite material is wood, reminiscent of nature.

The kitchen between nature and technology

Go back to basics or look to the future? This spring one thing does not exclude the other in kitchen room. The atmosphere is full of new technologies, among which stand out the hood that absorbs odors in automatic mode, and smart devices like the coffee machine that can be controlled via smartphone. Although high technology reigns supreme, the bond with the earth is not lost, which is expressed in the choice of furniture: seasonal trend predicts natural wood structures, with open shelves to leave the aromatic plants to be used during the preparation of the dishes. The eco-style also pollutes the floors, which range from classic parquet to wood paneling.

And the light?

It is necessary to find a balance between natural and artificial lighting during spring, because the former begins to be predominant, thanks to the days that are lengthening. Are dear the chandeliers and lamps with particular shapes, spiral or cell.

Renovations also go through minor adjustments, changing the carpet or tablecloths in dark tones with brighter colors and fruity or floral prints.

Spring bath 2021: synonymous with simplicity and lightness

The environment in which to find balance in this difficult period is the bathroom, and with the help of specialized companies such as Sisters Church it will be possible to choose thebathroom furniture ideal for all budgets.

The way to build the bathroom is inspired by Oriental culture, based on Zen philosophy. The key is to get rid of excess, of what is not relevant, and this trend is reflected in thebathroom furniture, pointing out insimple lines and lightness, Through the adoption of suspended toilets and freestanding bathtubs, extremely elegant. For him shower the flush with the ground, capable of creating continuity with the rest of the room, making the structure seem one with it.

Black and white are still the most classic colors for the bathroom area, although it is possible to play with grayscale or warmer colors, reminiscent of the earth, such as beige and light brown.

It furniture style it is chosen according to the wall cladding, so as to create a contrast between the elements.

Even the details make the difference: the copper, gold and bronze used for finishes or handles, in contact with the rays of the spring sun, will give a unique light to the environment.

Even in the accessories there is a domain of nature: i rugs made in natural or vegetable fibers, while the mirrors are surrounded by wooden frames.

Regardless of personal tastes, what you are looking for in bathing spring 2021 and the delicacy, which must be expressed through the shapes and colors of the furniture, giving the sensation of living a new life to its occupants, which little by little takes place like the blossoming of flowers.

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