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How to send a fake location on WhatsApp?  How to do it

How to send a fake location on WhatsApp? How to do it

To show that you are at a certain point on the map and prevent the other person from knowing this very private data. A simulated location on your Android you can create it and then as if it is your actual location WhatsAppYou can add to. The process is fairly simple. It allows you to hide your location and send it as if it were a real location. No one knows if the particular point on the map is correct.

There are two ways to send the location on WhatsApp. You can add the address of a place selected in the search engine or submit a specific location using the phone’s GPS. While the point on the map will be visible with either option, there is a noticeable difference. WhatsApp shows the addresses searched by a web link and the location sent by GPS, without the specified URL.

Simulate the location when sending by WhatsApp.

Send fake WhatsApp location!

To send wrong location by WhatsApp, you need to do the following:

  • Going to settings, “About my phone” either by going and pressing the build number (version number) ten times Activate the developer settings on your Android mobile.
  • Install the fake GPS app. Applications that allow them to see that you are anywhere in the world. “to cheat” select the allow option.
  • Developer go to settings and “fake locations” Look for the menu.
  • you downloaded Sahte GPS select the application.
  • app opened, allow file access
  • Place the desired point where you want on the map.
  • Bottom right “play” By clicking on the icon, the application it will simulate the location you marked.
  • enter whatsapp and add the location as usual.
  • The fake you chose GPS coordinates it will be sent.
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When you want the simulation to stop; Go back to fake GPS and at the bottom left “Stop” Click on the icon.

Submit a fake location Whenever you want, just follow the process above to avoid revealing your true location. This hack is the perfect way to fool anyone who wants to know your location at all costs.