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How to Turn into ‘Conqueror’ In PUBG Cellular? Most effective and Safe and sound Way!


Hey people, I hope you searching for ‘How to come to be a conqueror in PUBG Mobile’. PUBG cell is now the most trending Online multiplayer match that has been performed by thousands and thousands of players. I am likely to explain to you how to make it.

PUBG mobile is now pretty well known and everybody needs to attain the highest tier. But due to the fact of competition, it is extremely rough to attain the Conqueror tier. But by some means I managed to do that and Develop into Conqueror in time 12.

How quite a few factors do you need to have?

Usually, you will need 4200 points to arrive at an ACE tier. But in the scenario of the conquerer, the scene is a very little distinct.

You have to generate details so that you can be in the Leading 500 in the earth. So somewhere around you will need 5800 Details to be in the Conqueror tier.

  • For Squad you require 5800+ ranking (ASIA)
  • For Solo & Duo, you will need 4700+ score (ASIA)

See Duo is effortless to Force rank.

So, You to attain +20 points in 100 matches (by ending in top 10) to get to Conquerer from ACE tier.

After you grow to be the top rated 500 position earner you will grow to be conquerer.

My Journey to Conqueror

I achieved conquerer in season 12 by enjoying in Miramar in DUO mode. I choose the Asia server simply because it gives me a really very low ping.

I Utilized to land considerably absent from the aircraft route. I entire my loot first, in that time 50 % of the enemies is currently killed by other enemies.

What does it acquire to Come to be Conquerer?

To start with of all, we require to fully grasp the factors and rankings. In get to grow to be conquerer all the matters subject which are MAPs, Server and TPP/FPP manner.

Firstly, you have to pick out a server which has really low ping. This is incredibly significant in get to play risk-free.

Then second factor is to select FPP/TPP manner. I prefer FPP method for the reason that of most of the expert gamers performs in TPP Manner. So if you pick out FPP there will be a lot less competitors.

Third matter is, You have to opt for an effortless map like Sanhok. Because you can just susceptible and wait around for enemies to arrive and then you can get rid of them.

Last of all, I will prefer you to pick ‘Duo Manner‘ in its place of ‘Squad or Solo Mode’. Take an obeying teammate which will follow your get strictly. It is really simple to struggle Solo vs duo or Duo vs Duo.

Ideal Approach for Rank Pushing

My individual approach is incredibly powerful for me for year 12. If you observe this tactic from the quite commencing then you will get to the conquerer tier very quickly.

Approach 1: Land far away from the airplane path, just take a motor vehicle and go considerably absent.

By accomplishing this, when you entire your loot 50 percent of the gamers are killed presently. This eventually requires you in the best 10.

Tactic 2: Flank-Flank and Flank, Study to flank and surprise the enemy. Request your workforce participant to continue to keep the enemy have interaction in a fight.

Technique 3: Hold eye on the zone, and Try out to be in zone initial. Attempt to do recover struggle.

How to Become Conquerer in PUBG Mobile

I am not a expert player, I participate in game titles for my personalized contentment. I think this PUBG video game is about surviving until eventually the close. It doesn’t subject you camp or prone until the conclusion.

I know it is terrible. But if you want to access the ‘Conqueror Tier’ you have to do a minor sacrifice.

We are carrying out UC giveaway. So If you want to Participate Remark down underneath your title with your ID. I will verify your K/D and tier. Then I will give 5 lucky winners 100 UC.

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