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how to unlock 30 free Primogems with the new code

how to unlock 30 free Primogems with the new code

Within hours of debuting the latest wave of minigames from the Windblume Festival timed event Genshin Impact, here is that MiHoYo publishes another code that allows all players of the free game of get 30 free Primogems and some character upgrade material.

Here is the code that allows you to get some Primogems:

  • SBNBUK67M37Z – Reward for entering the code: 30 Primogems and 5 Adventurer Experience

In order to redeem the code on any platform where the free game is available (PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS and Android), all you need to do is access the settings menu, select the item “Bill” and then choose “Redeem code”. Following these simple steps you access a new window in which there is a text field that must be filled in with the code written above (if you are from a smartphone or PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 you can use the virtual keyboard by clicking on the empty text area) . Please note that there is also a much faster method to redeem Genshin Impact codes, but at the moment you can only use it on PC, iOS and Android versions. We refer to the possibility of entering codes directly in the Official site by Genshin Impact, through the section “Reedem Code” present among the previous elements. Once the code has been redeemed with one of the two methods, the Cousins ​​and Adventurer Experiences are sent to the player by mail within the game and to add them to the inventory, visit the section “Mail” and click the button “Say” to get the reward (the message will stay in the inbox for about 30 days, after which it will no longer be possible to retrieve the attachment and thus get the Primogems for free).

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It should be noted that the only useful requirement to be able to use the code is to have reached at least theAdventurer Rank 10. As usual, we suggest you redeem your rewards as soon as possible as the code has no official expiration date and may no longer be valid at any time.

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