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How to use Cardio Fitness on iPhone and Apple Watch


Another valuable health feature has been added to iPhone and Apple Watch For iOS 14.3 And watchOS 7.2 – Cardio fitness.Measurements are based on your VO2 The maximum value that Apple Watch can estimate when recording a particular workout. Find out how to use CardioFitness on your iPhone and Apple Watch, why it’s important, how to set it up, how to measure / display your CardioFitness level, and more.

Here’s how Apple describes cardio fitness levels:

With iOS 14.3 and watchOS 7.2, Apple Watch users can view their cardio fitness levels in the iPhone’s Health app and be notified on their Apple Watch if they’re in the low range. Breakthrough technology released in watchOS 7 makes it easy for Apple Watch to measure low cardio fitness. Today, cardio fitness notifications allow users to more actively enjoy dramatic long-term health benefits.

Cardiorespiratory fitness, measured by VO2 max, is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use during exercise and can be increased through physical activity. Apple Watch has already estimated above-average levels of VO2 max during intense outdoor walking, running, and hiking, and many runners and other athletes monitor it to improve performance.

Basically, cardio fitness is an indicator of your overall health and can also predict your long-term health. There is a correlation between low cardio fitness levels and future health problems, but consistent aerobic exercise has the power to raise levels πŸ™‚.

How to use Cardio Fitness on iPhone and Apple Watch


  • Make sure you have updated to iOS 14.3 and watchOS 7.2 on your iPhone and Apple Watch
  • When you open the Health app for the first time after the update, you’ll see some new splash screens about new ECG features and cardio fitness.
  • If it doesn’t appear automatically, you can tap it Browse >> >> heart
  • Look for blue setup Buttons below your cardio fitness level
  • Follow prompts to find out more about your health
  • You can choose to turn on low cardio fitness notifications on your Apple Watch
  • You should now see your Cardio Fitness under the Heart section of the Health app.

The setup process looks like this:

How to measure cardio fitness on your Apple Watch

  • You won’t see the cardio fitness level data points for all workouts recorded on your Apple Watch. Here’s Apple’s comment:
    • Apple Watch can record estimated VO2 14-60 mL / kg / min When hiking, walking or running outdoors With continuous heart rate measurement.It can estimate your VO2 Maximum if you start any of these workouts in the workout app
    • VO2 max is validated for users over the age of 20.Most people can improve VO2 Maximum for more intense and more frequent aerobic exercise.Certain conditions and medications that limit heart rate can cause overestimation of VO2 Maximum health details can indicate that you are taking a particular medication.
    • You can read more about cardio fitness in the cardio fitness section of the health app.

An important thing to keep in mind: This means that you don’t actually see the cardio fitness data measured by Apple Fitness + workouts (Apple doesn’t extend which workout type records VO) limit)2 maximum).

Interestingly, cardio fitness levels are also visible in outdoor walking / hiking / running workouts prior to iOS 14.3. You can view daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly data by tapping the timeframe icon at the top of Cardio Fitness (see below for more information).

Apple states that cycling is another great aerobic exercise to improve cardio fitness, but so far it doesn’t seem to track cycling training. Apple watch For now, record cardio fitness data.

How to view your cardio fitness level on your iPhone

  • You can always check your cardio fitness level by visiting the Health app.
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  • Tap the blue Show All Cardio Fitness Levels to see all available data
  • Now you can see the months that were in the low, below average, above average, and high categories.
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