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facebook messenger filtri ar realtà aumentata

How to use the new augmented reality effects in Messenger

Focus once again on video calls Facebook, creating for its millions of subscribers a new function dedicated to Delivery courier, the rib oriented to textual and audiovisual conversations. On this occasion, it is the turn of an interesting jewel that will undoubtedly be appreciated, both in video conversations between two people and in virtual rooms: the Messenger Rooms (capable of hosting up to 50 users at the same time): that’s what we’re talking about.

News that recently debuted on Messenger will also be coming soon to Instagram, another branch of the great family headed by Mark Zuckerberg. This is the first big round of incorporations a few months after the one at the end of August, which came along with the 10 years of the social network. This time, the protagonists are the group effects, that is to say filters dedicated to all participants who can live the same experience at the same time in augmented reality and use it for fun photos with friends or interactive games with which to challenge your friends online.

AR effects in Messenger, how to use them

The new AR function is able to further shorten the distances between participants, whether they are within a short distance or thousands of kilometers from each other. In fact, I chose one of the most 70 effects now available in the library, you can start to exploit the full potential that the Facebook tool offers to see different visual effects positioned in real time on your face and in the background, as well as start exciting challenges down to the last byte.

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Using them is simple: it is enough connect to video call, both in the role of organizer and participant after receiving an invitation from a contact. Started on video chat OR stanza, the shaped icon will appear on the screen in your frame emoticon which gives you access to the full list of visual effects applicable to you or other participants.

Among them is the voice “Group effects“- Simply click on it to open the series of buttons to choose from for you and all other participants. After selection, the other members of the conversation will receive a notification with the name of the chosen effect and the name of the person who configured it. You can’t miss the pretty ones videogame, like the one who tries to find the most skilled chef of hamburger sandwiches, or the tawny kitten that walks on the screens of those present in the video.

Effects of Facebook, the future of AR in social networks

Already at the end of the month, Facebook will provide creators and developers with access to API, software libraries indispensable in this case to be able to create the effects dedicated to multiple users. As of November, therefore, the number of available effects to choose from to completely change the way you experience video calling with your loved ones.

Facebook, when will the AR effects arrive

The new augmented reality filters dedicated to groups have already appeared in Italy for those who make video calls or use rooms through the Messenger app at mobile devicessuch as smartphones and tablets. It is not necessary to reach a minimum number of participants, since the group appears among the available options already from two-way calls, remaining for those with a greater number of guests.

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