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How Twitter Polls Can be Used to Boost Gaming Accounts: TOP Examples

In the realm of social media, we find that different platforms have different tools. Each accessory or invention works differently across the board and it’s left to each of us to figure out just how to tweak it to work for our identification.

Twitter polls are one accessory that can have a dramatic impact on your leveling. This isn’t a new feature. It came out roughly in 2015. Did you know that when Twitter released this option, it was actually geared towards gaming accounts? That was the way the popularity fell.

These polls are incredibly popular and well-rounded to provide appreciated and relevant engagement with little effort. You can even buy Twitter poll votes to start a promotion at TweetBoost or through other companies. It’s certainly an interesting approach when you need that little something.

We’ve put together this simple guide to walk you through how you can use this feature for your own boost and even some examples as well.

How Do Twitter Polls Work?

Polls allow you to put up a topic for debate – and yet there is no debate. The beauty of the poll is you can let your voice be heard but you don’t have to justify it. While people can comment and reply on the posts, you can simply place your vote and then be done with it too. Forget the drama and arguing over different opinions.

The poster can create a poll of their choice and set it up with options. People can interact, vote, and more. It’s a legitimate way for their voices to be heard and people love it. When you establish a poll, it is set up for a specific time period. You can make it public or private. Those able to see it can act on it.

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You can track the votes throughout the life of the poll and see those statistics and data when the poll ends.

Are Polls Even That Helpful?

Think about the last time you were scrolling on your phone. Maybe it was Twitter or maybe it was another platform. When you see a poll, do you stop and vote? Even if you don’t vote, you likely take notice of the poll and maybe even check out what people are saying.

That’s the answer right there. Polls are incredibly useful for the engagement factor. People want to share their opinions and they want to be heard. The Twitter polls are the perfect place to do that. There’s just something about the unique ability to share your opinion without having to back it up. An individual doesn’t have to get into the weeds of arguing their side of the story. They just click their vote and they can keep right on to the next post that catches their interest.

TOP Examples of Twitter Polls at Work

You can see plenty of times in polling history where they’ve been used for gaming or sports and been incredibly popular. You can find sites and accounts that have based almost their entirety on gaming polls.

Take @GamingCatalysts for one. They do a lot of Call of Duty gaming polls so it’s all about gaming but they have a very specific purpose behind their approach. They focus on Call of Duty where some gamers will check out specific genres or perhaps even a variety of things.

If you want to look at sports that will eventually also affect video gaming platforms, just check out the World Cup and FIFA. IN recent years, FFA used a ton of polls to host engagement during the world cup. They had polls, trivia, and more on the @FIFAWorldCup page and they had a tremendous amount of interaction.

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@YourGamingPolls does a bunch of fun gaming polls and they use just about any type of game you can think of. They’ve had polls about Fortnite, FTA5, Red Dead Redemption, Assassin’s Creed, Angry Birds, and more. They have roughly 3200 followers and the majority of their polls get 100 votes or more.

While other platforms do use polls, Twitter really has the best setup and the most customization on timeframe and responses. It’s well-done and you can view the analytics even when the poll is finished.

There are other accounts just like these that use a variety of polls, posts, and more to capture their audience. That’s the true value of this particular asset. You capture the audience. You might even be able to capture or intrigue new audiences across the board if you keep consistently working at it.

Tips for Twitter Poll Use

It seems pretty straightforward but before you jump into your new polling adventures, take a look at these simple tips to help you get started.

Choose Relevant Topics

If you want your poll to be effective, it needs to be something people are interested in. As a gamer, you likely have a niche or a game that you focus on, maybe even a game console. Don’t make a poll that is “what is your favorite game”. You need to be more specific. You could use this type of question but you need a topical outlook instead of a broad question.

Your vote options and questions need to be intriguing to those who pass them. It needs to be something they will be interested in responding to. It’s really great if you can find some sort of question that will open a conversation or a pathway that you can keep building on.

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Predictions Can Be Fun

If you haven’t learned yet, people love to share their opinions. When it comes to gaming, they want to guess about new features or characters that might be in the game. For games like Fortnite, they like to guess the theme and characters or even the weapons that you might see in a specific release.

It’s this way with every game. It can be so much fun to look forward to what is to come so why not use the future to engage with your audience. You all can predict and share and have some fun with it.

Wise Timeline Design

The timeline of your poll is going to be significant. If it’s too long, it just drags out and people get tired of seeing it. Of course, an extended timeframe also gives more people time to respond and engage.

Do a bit of research on the best time frames for responses. It’s ok to extend the questionnaire if needed here and there. Stay well engaged by building on one poll with a new one so you’re always changing it up.


It’s amazing how something so simple like a Twitter poll can be extremely boosting for your platform. It’s a great way to get people to interact and it allows you to know what those people are interested in. It’s great for gaming but can be used for any type of niche.