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Huawei redesigns AppGallery app store and adds new "Attention" tab

Huawei redesigns AppGallery app store and adds new “Attention” tab

Huawei has announced a redesign of the AppGallery app store. According to the company, the focus is currently on improving discovery and navigation. According to the company, the experience will be partially curated by a team of editors focusing on local trends to uncover the most relevant apps and games.

“AppGallery enhancements reflect the success of Huawei’s app ecosystem. The Huawei app ecosystem has expanded its global user base to more than 530 million monthly active users over the past year.” Huawei said. “The new design introduces apps and games with larger and bolder designs throughout the user experience.”

Twitter user Rodent950 I shared a video of how the redesigned AppGallery works. As they correctly point out, it draws a lot of inspiration from Apple’s App Store. I’m not saying it looks bad, but Huawei isn’t exactly hiding the comparison.

One of the big additions is the Attention tab, which displays carefully selected apps and games in the form of cards. With these cards, you can download the app directly without having to visit the app’s dedicated page. Huawei said the AppGallery card contains editorial content, from articles to expert guides to reviews.

[注目]Below the tab[キャンペーン]With tabs[ギフト]There are tabs. According to Huawei, it is one of the most popular features for active users.[キャンペーン]The tabs, as the name implies, have promotions such as lucky draws, cashback offers, and challenges. In the gifts section, users can see the developers who offer free services such as premium accounts.

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AppGallery, on the other hand, has tabs dedicated to apps and games, making it easier for users to find the content they need. Huawei states that it has been split to enable a “more enhanced and focused discovery experience.”

The new App Gallery is available in some European countries including Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Romania and the Czech Republic. You can use it. Bulgaria, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark.