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"I decided to play, when I probably shouldn't have"

“I decided to play, when I probably shouldn’t have”

On May 8 during the victory over the Pacers, Bradley Beal, author of 50 points, had to prematurely leave his companions, victim of an ischial strain. Out all last week, he wasn’t sure about yesterday’s game against the Hornets, capital in the play-in race, and he finally played. But he admitted that he forced his hand on the Wizards a bit.

“Yesterday I was a bit stubborn and decided to play, which I probably shouldn’t have done. The medical staff did not fully agree with this decision. Some were, some were not. “Bradley Beal

She finally made the decision after discussing the risks with staff, including relapse.

“It’s never easy, honestly. I did not want the first game of my return to be the entry game, because if we had lost we would not have been entitled to the error on Tuesday. Even if there had been a relapse that would have prevented me from playing on Tuesday, I knew how important this game was from the point of view of our situation. Bradley Beal

By winning yesterday, the Wizards have offered themselves two chances to advance to the playoffs, with a game against Boston first and, should they lose, another Thursday.

Beal did not have his best game of the season, limited to 8/27, but scored 13 points in the fourth quarter to recover, confident that as the game progressed, the pain was less present.

“There were no relapses, which is good. I did not make the injury worse. Obviously, I probably won’t be 100%, but you have to handle that as well as possible. “Bradley Beal


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