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تعرضت للاختراق.. خبير في أمن المعلومات يوضح سبب تعطل فيسبوك ومنتجاته

I got hacked … an information security expert explains why Facebook got blocked

08:59 p. M.

Monday 04 October 2021


Information security expert Walid Hajjaj revealed the reason for the sudden failure of Facebook-owned social media applications (Facebook – Instagram – WhatsApp) in many countries around the world.

Hajjaj told Masrawy on Monday that there are four possibilities for the disruption of social media applications owned by Facebook, which is that there will be an update to the services of those applications or that they have been hacked.

The information security expert pointed out that it is possible that the servers of these applications were subject to some problems that led to a sudden stop in many countries of the world, or a problem with the cache servers.

Walid Hajjaj noted that this is the first time that Facebook-owned apps have been interrupted for four hours straight, noting that prior to that in 2019 it had been broken for 60 minutes.

Facebook-owned social media applications (Facebook – Instagram – WhatsApp) were suddenly disrupted on a global scale, resulting in users being unable to interact, post, or log into their accounts, as users get a message that indicates that there is a malfunction that is being resolved.

Facebook quickly tweeted: “We understand that some people are having trouble accessing our applications and products. We are working to get things back to normal as soon as possible and we apologize for any inconvenience.”

WhatsApp also tweeted: “We are aware that some people are experiencing problems with WhatsApp at the moment. We are working to get everything back to normal and will post an update here as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!”

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