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“I have the impression of being misunderstood”, laments Karima, eliminated from the game


Your hopes of reintegration Koh-Lanta during reunification they were annihilated. Karima is gone
the anniversary edition “The Legend” during the fourth episode aired on Tuesday
TF1. She lost during a test in the sand, facing Maxime and Ugo who, they, remain in the race on the island of the exiles. This defeat was painful for the 32-year-old soldier who, along with 20 minutes On Monday, he hopes to continue affected by this outing in the first days of the show.

If the edition focused on the points of tension, Karima highlights that she also lived beautiful moments of sharing and knew how to split the armor with her fellow adventurers. The public may be tempted to misjudge her by seeing her rigid and ruthless. Above all, she put a lot of pressure on herself – by committing to this season all the stars, she wanted to rise to the challenge.

“I’m sorry,” he said at the time of his elimination, adding that he had no right to fail. Looking back, don’t you tell yourself that you’ve judged yourself too harshly?

It is part of my personality. I am very demanding with myself, so I advance and advance correctly in my day to day. Redo a Koh-Lanta, for me it was a great opportunity. We tell ourselves that you have to measure up, give the best of yourself, I had to be efficient in everything. He had made many concessions, professionally and familiarly, to participate again.

Do you really consider it a failure?

I lived very badly to be eliminated from the first episode. I felt humiliated. I was shocked and disappointed. Some girls, in this adventure, had sworn that they would not vote against me. Emotions got carried away, I didn’t feel good.

Several of those who voted against you justified their choice by talking about your temperament. Do you understand or does it seem like a false excuse?

For me, this is a totally false excuse. Unfortunately, in the first episode, the moments when I was laughing with the girls, when we were telling our personal stories, were not shown. I have a large shell. I have never been so pleased, which is why I was disappointed. Viewers have just seen the phase where, during the final tip, my emotions got a bit carried away. When I watch the episodes, I wonder where certain images have gone. For example, when I go to see the girls, it is because they have sworn to me that they will not vote against me and I want to know who they are going to vote against. It was not for being strategic but for knowing. From my point of view, I was not aggressive. I think in life you have to be frank, you have to say, “I have to eliminate someone and it will be you. “

Interviewed by “20 Minutes”, Cindy thinks you have gone too far, hopes you question yourself and describes you as “bloody” and “resentful” … What do you answer her?

I have nothing to answer to a person who wants to feed their social networks. I didn’t hold a grudge. In the end I took her in my arms, I told her that her daughter can be proud of her because having an adventure of this type is not available to everyone. I did not insult her, I did not attack her dignity.

You thank your chefs who made it possible for you to participate in this season. What do they say to you when they see “Koh-Lanta”?

I have always had a trustworthy contract with my chefs. They always told me they would be by my side. When I returned, I was very saddened by what had happened. When I see this adventure, I do not find everything that I experienced: there were many sequences where I laughed with people, for example. With Ugo and Maxime, on the island of the exiles, we share many things. I showed them where the sea urchins were, we ate together. I’m not saying what aired is wrong, but there were some happier moments that I would have liked to see.

If you had to do this adventure again, what would you do differently?

I recognize that this adventure marked me enormously and that at the moment I am not feeling very well. I tell myself that I don’t want to do it again at all Koh-Lanta. I don’t know … I have the impression that they misunderstand me. Summarizing three days in one episode is not easy and we cannot put everything together, I understand. I returned to Koh-Lanta for the love of adventure and survival, for challenges, to compare myself to the people they have beautified Koh-Lanta throughout these twenty years. I really wanted to fully experience this adventure.

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