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"I loved doing comedy," confesses Vincent, candidate for "secret weapons"

“I loved doing comedy,” confesses Vincent, candidate for “secret weapons”

Your journey in Koh-Lanta, the secret weapons, issued at the beginning of the year in
TF1He stopped long before the orienteering test, but that didn’t stop Vincent from being one of the season’s iconic candidates. He marked the show with his English-speaking exclamations (“I don’t want this!”) And his playful and assertive temperament resistant to pressure shocks. It is with this
public darling that we close this series of testimonials from former candidates.

What has “Koh-Lanta” changed for you?

The show allowed me to get closer to my parents. The fact of not having taken over your farm [ils sont agriculteurs] and revealing my homosexuality to them marked a break with them. With Koh-LantaI also gained confidence in myself, I learned to be patient, I think I still have efforts to do (laughs), and take a step back to return to the true values ​​of life.

What is the question that people who recognize you on the street ask you most frequently in “Koh-Lanta”?

But do you really have nothing on the island? Denis, is it really nice? These are the questions I am always entitled to.

So is Denis Brogniart really nice?

(He laughs) Denis Brogniart is impartial. We would like you to help us a little. But in any case, yes, he is very kind to us, everything is going very well. He is our referee.

What is your strongest memory?

What struck me particularly was the way he played with others. I think about when I was with a friend with Laëtitia with linked destinations and that we had an immunity necklace… I loved acting, it made me laugh too much! It was a lot of fun, really, it didn’t show everything, but I was crying with laughter.

Have you kept in touch with the candidates for your season?

I have not kept in touch with all of them. With Thomas and Myriam, I have no contact. With Shanice, some. I am very close to Flavio. Not a day goes by without us calling each other. I am also very close to Laëtitia and have kept in touch with Maxine.

You will follow “Koh-Lanta, the legend” [L’interview a été réalisée début juillet] ?

Of course ! I’m crazy about Koh-Lanta, Love it Koh-LantaI live for Koh-Lanta ! It is obvious that the season of “all stars” would follow.

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