Thiruvananthapuram: Customs notice for Vinodini Balakrishnan, wife of the former PCM secretary of state and member of the Kodiyeri Balakrishnan politburo The notice directed him to appear for questioning at the Kochi office on March 23. The interrogation is based on the discovery that Unitech MD Santosh Eepen used one of the iPhones he purchased.

Previously, Vinodini was not present and said that notice was given but not received. The first notice sent was “Door closed.” The notice was sent to the address of the house where Bineesh Kodiyeri was raided in Thiruvananthapuram. Later, he tried to reach her by phone but could not find her. The notice is reported to have been sent earlier, on March 10, directing him to appear for questioning at the customs office in Kochi.

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Santosh Eepan had said that he had paid a bribe to obtain the Life Mission contract. As part of this, it was discovered that the mobile phone was received by M Shivashankar, former senior secretary to the chief minister, Rajeev, additional protocol officer, Padmanabha Sharma, Jeethu and Praveen. Santosh Eepan had bought five iPhones. Earlier, it was reported that Customs had discovered that Vinodini Balakrishnan was using the most expensive iPhone.

However, Vinodini had previously said that he had not received any customs notice for the declaration. Vinodini had said that he was using his own phone and that he did not know Santosh Eepan and that he had not received an iPhone. Santosh Eepan also said that he did not know if the phone was given to Vinodini as the dream Suresh had given him.

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