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I tried using “Anotion” which can quickly create a website from the page created with “Notion” –GIGAZINE


An Internet service that allows you to quickly create a wide range of content, such as calendars and project management pages.NotionThe service that allows you to directly convert the page created intoA notion“is. Anotion said it was targeting” a blog service with a low barrier to streaming “and” a service where the steps from editing a document to publishing are easy anyway, “so I gave it a try.

You can create a website simply by typing in Notion Anotion

Anotion is a service that converts pages created with “Notion” into websites. To learn more about Notion, see the following article for details on how to use it.

Basically multiple people can create a free to-do list and task management dashboard and share and edit them online. I tried using “Notion” –GIGAZINE

Anotion is a service that not only assigns a unique domain to the Notion page URL, but also allows you to add Google Analytics scripts, remove Notion headers, and customize the appearance. Anotion has a 30-day free trial, so I decided to try it for free.Official siteClick “Try a Free 30-Day Trial”.

Registration of user information and payment information is required for the free trial. User information can be registered with a Google account, but this time, enter your email address and password and select “Register with email address”.

Then a confirmation email will be sent, so click the URL in the text.

If the message “Your email address has been confirmed” is displayed as shown below, your account registration is complete.

Select “Login” on the top page …

Enter the email address and password you registered earlier and click “Login with email address”.

Anotion is a 980 yen service without monthly tax, but if you cancel within 30 days, you will not be charged. Since the payment record itself is required, select “Accept various terms and conditions and proceed to the payment screen”.

Payment service “StripeEnter the email address, credit card information, cardholder name and nationality, and click “Start Trial”.

This completes the entire registration. To create a site with Anotion, select “Site Registration”.

First, you need to determine the “Site ID” which is also used as the site URL. Enter this ID, keeping in mind that you will not be able to change it later, and click “Check if ID is available”.

Make sure “Correct Usage” is displayed.

Then link Anotion and Notion. Display the page of your Notion that you want to be the “Notion Home Page”, click “Share” at the top right of the screen, activate the “Share on the web” toggle button and click ” Copy link “.

Enter by pasting the blank “URL of the Notion page to be displayed on the top page” and click “Register”.

Then “The site has been created” is displayed. You can also add site headers and icons, add SNS share buttons, etc., but this time I’ll click “OK” and take a look at the entire site for now.

This is the Notion page that loaded …

The entire Anotion website looks like this.

One of the advantages of Anotion is its manageability. Just edit the page on the Notion side and the update will automatically reflect on the web page on the Notion side.

If you want to add a new page, just create a new page in Notion …

A new page will also be added on the Anotion side. It is not necessary to put a link.

You can also add specific Anotion features that Notion doesn’t have from “Data Edit” and “Layout Edit” on the dashboard.

Under “Data Editing”, add the Google Analytics ID, specify the destination URL of the site name transition in the header, add your own domain, footer settings, permalink settings, and more. as follows.

HTML can be added directly.

Under “Layout edit”, change the site name, site logo, site icon, add a link on the right side of the header,Breadcrumb trailScreen and …

You can add a button to share SNS, apply a dark theme, edit directly, or add CSS by specifying a URL.

The Anotion usage fee is 980 yen (including tax 1078 yen) not including monthly tax.

You can create a website simply by typing in Notion Anotion

If you want to cancel monthly usage, select “Cancel plan” on the panel …

Click “Cancel Plan” on the Stripe page that is displayed.

Also, click “Cancel plan” again to complete the cancellation procedure.

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