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I tried WiZ SpaceSense: the lamps detect movement via WLAN and turn on


With SpaceSense, WiZ brings a new feature in the V2 app that turns lamps into motion detectors. The lamps can be recognized when a person enters the room and then turn on themselves and other lamps automatically. The only requirement is two lamps in a room calibrated together.

Detection via Wi-Fi signals

WiZ, which, like Philips Hue, is owned by Signify, explains that the SpaceSense sensor technology uses Wi-Fi signals to detect the presence of people in the room. An additional sensor for automatic switching on and off of lamps is therefore no longer necessary, in particular no motion sensor, which is otherwise always part of the basic equipment of every smart home. Wi-Fi signals are slightly interrupted as soon as a person moves across the room. By capturing these small variations in signal strength, WiZ lights can detect people. So that not all pets trigger the lamps and lights, the user can adjust the sensitivity in the app.

No line of sight necessary

Detection is omnidirectional and does not require a direct line of sight like a traditional motion sensor based on passive infrared (PIR) technology. To use SpaceSense, the most central lamp in the room must be selected as a beacon and another to measure deviations, ideally about 2 meters away. The app can be used to specify which lamps will turn on when motion is detected and after what time they will turn off when motion is no longer detected.

First test: It works!

ComputerBase was able to briefly test the new feature in combination with a WiZ Bar linear light and a WiZ High Lumen A80 lamp, as well as the new app. The first conclusion: It works. In the test with medium sensitivity (level 5), you must enter the room correctly for the ignition to activate. It is not enough to just walk through the open door in the hallway, then the lights will not react as intended. It is still too early to assess the extent to which other environmental influences may inadvertently activate the automatic system. So far, no faulty ignitions have been recorded in the test, not even from people moving in the next room or one floor above. With auto-off enabled, the lamps didn’t turn off in the self-test even if you just worked at a desk in the room without moving or getting up much.

WiZ SpaceSense in the WiZ V2 app

WiZ SpaceSense in the WiZ V2 app

Local processing without recognition of person

The app does not recognize people or their exact position in the room, so users’ privacy must remain protected. In addition, the data collected is only processed locally, without the system accessing the Internet or a cloud. The feature can also be used optionally, so users can decide for themselves whether they want to use the feature or not.

WiZ Bar Linear Light

WiZ Bar Linear Light

For all lamps from September 2021

SpaceSense requires a certain amount of performance, so older WiZ products from 2016 and 2017 will not support the feature. However, all products released from September 2021 will support the feature later this year. In addition, all WiZ-connected products, such as Philips Smart LED and other OEM and private brands that support WiZ, can also be used for this function.

WiZ A80 E27

WiZ A80 E27

New application end of September

The new WiZ v2 app, which can be used with SpaceSense and which brings many other changes to the control of lamps and luminaires, such as shortcuts for individual controls, will be available to all users in late September or early October. It’s the first major overhaul of the app since 2016. For the first time, the design is identical on both Android and iOS, so users using both platforms don’t have to change their minds.

The matter also reaches WiZ

Additionally, WiZ has announced that all lamps and lights that have been released since mid-2021 will be compatible with the upcoming multi-vendor smart home standard, Matter. The update should be delivered immediately with the release of Matter.

New string lights and strip lights.

But WiZ has not only announced SpaceSense and a new app, but also new lamps and lights.

With the WiZ Outdoor String Light, the first outdoor lighting product in the company’s portfolio will be available in October. It is waterproof and weatherproof and is equipped with 12 LED lamps that also support colored light. The string of lights will go on sale for 119.99 euros. Also new is the WiZ Ambiente Lightstrip, designed for indoor use, for indirect lighting. The Lightstrip is four meters long and will also be available in stores from October. It costs 34.99 euros.

WiZ outdoor light chain (Image: WiZ)

The WiZ Mobile table lamp announced in the summer, the WiZ Pole floor lamp, the WiZ Bar linear light, as well as new ceiling lights and spotlights are now available.

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