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I was completely wrong on the PS5

I was completely wrong on the PS5

The PS5 is completely superfluous for me, at least that’s what I thought until recently. Now Sony’s current console is also in my living room, and looking back I could hardly have been more wrong.

A comment from Robert Kohlick:

PS5: faster than the console police allow

While many Sony fans have been desperately trying to get their hands on one of the highly competitive next-gen consoles ever since PS5 went on sale in November 2020, I sat back and relaxed. I kept playing on my PS4 Pro. There are hardly any real exclusive titles for Sony’s new console, and the few that are already available couldn’t get me out from behind the stove. Also, it’s still in my living room. a classic full HD TV with 60 Hz. So the additional graphics performance of the PS5 would not be of any added value to me.

And since I have a lame hard drive of my PS4 Pro for a proper SATA SSDThe PS5 doesn’t give me any real advantage in terms of load times either, at least that’s what I thought, but then I was able to get a PS5 bundle from Saturn. And after a few weeks I will gladly admit: I was completely wrong.

Next to the Ferrari PS5, my improved PS4 Pro looks like a tuned Opel Corsa in terms of loading time. Yes, compared to the classic hard drive version, my games on the latest-gen console load relatively quickly thanks to the SSD, but on the PS5 you can hardly speak of loading times.

The internal memory of the PS5 console is quite small. Fortunately, it can be expanded in a very short time. How you do it – and what you need for it – we tell you in the video:

PS5 but without 4K TV: is it worth it?

With FIFA 22 on the PS5, there’s just a short splash screen, then the server log in, and I’m already in the main menu, a few seconds later straight into the game. Gone are the days when I press “start game” and go to the kitchen to get something to drink. I land directly in the field and can shoot out. The same phenomenon in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Despite the SATA SSD, my PS4 Pro takes over a minute to enter the game from the main menu. On the PS5, on the other hand, I can barely read the first tooltip before landing in England with Eivor.

However, to keep loading times as short as possible, players should also boot up the PS5 version of their games. Otherwise, the differences between the latest and the next generation of consoles are relatively small, as our video comparison impressively shows:

So would you say the PS5 purchase was worth it for me, even though I can’t use a lot of the features? Absolutely! Faster load times are enough for mealthough I still think that the console itself is incredibly ugly.

So would you advise any gamer who doesn’t already have a 4K TV to also get the PS5? absolutely no way. Very few of you will be as impatient as I am and as happy about the reduced load times.

My general advice remains: Who doesn’t Matching 4K TV calls yours, the PS5 can save itself. And if you don’t fancy 4K in general, you should go to the Insider tip of the current generation of consoles grip: the Xbox Series S. It’s always available and much cheaper too.

By the way, after more than a year with his PS5, my colleague Daniel comes to a completely different conclusion than me:

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