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Icarus release date, when is the game released?  - Breakfast

Icarus release date, when is the game released? – Breakfast

RocketWerkz’s PvE survival game Icarus should be out soon, but when exactly? Find the answer in this article.

The survival game PvE Icarus developed by RocketWerkz was originally scheduled for release on August 28 on PC.

However, the developers had finally decided to postpone the title’s release date. The game will eventually be available on this saturday, november 20.

What is the release date for Icarus?

If you are looking to know the release date of the Icarus PvE survival game, well the title will be available from this Saturday, November 20 on PC. We remind you that if you have already reserved the game, you can participate in the different betas, here are the dates:

  • from October 9 to 10 you can discover the desert biome and deal with the heat, sandstorms and desert animals
  • October 23-24, Factions Launch, you will be able to carry out missions for companies interested in Ícaro
  • From November 6 to 7, you can participate in community events and get many prizes

Icarus, what is it?

Icarus is a PvE survival game with a cooperative mode for up to 8 players and a way only. In this game you will explore a wild nature riddled with terraforming gone wrong. You will need to survive and collect exotic materials to be able to return to orbit to develop more advanced technologies.

While waiting to be able to play Icarus, don’t forget that the title will be available starting this Thursday, November 20 on PC.