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If you play Fortnite you can win 5,000 euros: this is how


A very special event has been organized in Fortnite, where, if you participate in a special meeting, you can have the incredible luck of being able to win a great prize at stake and that you will not easily forget. But which?

The idea envisions that a series of young competitors compete against each other, with the aim of winning a long and lasting tournament – Androiditaly.com

Among everything that could have offered us Epic games this initiative, according to some, could be really impressive in all aspects Point of view. Not so much because it adds new weapons OR functionality details, as much as it seems to give us the possibility from get a substantial reward.

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And this novelty we can say that it is in idea to the fact that the company is preparing to welcome the third chapter of Fortnite, an act in which we will have the opportunity to see new antagonists, different scenarios and only objects implemented. But now enough to talk about hypotheses and let’s see what Epic Games has to offer: how we can win. 5,000 euros simply Playing?

The conditions to be part of it.

If you play Fortnite you can win 5,000 euros: this is how
This battle will take place for some time and it seems that it will not be easy to win – Androiditaly.com

To participate in this initiative we will have to be part of an event named after School League 2WATCH, that is a tournament that mainly involves everyone students with an age greater than 16 years. And although it is not the first time that one is proposed idea like that, we can only be happy with to know there is another.

To follow this draft just connect to the links available, where it will be possible to see the tournament participants, such as Twitch OR Tik Tok eg The accounts will be named 2WATCH, and everything will be broadcast on direct transmission. But if we wanted take partinstead, what should we do?

I players They will have to dominate the competition that he will make available, in addition to this. prize money, a good 5,000 euros. Will start on December 20th and will continue until next year; who will win the battle, obviously you will get the reward larger there is, as well as the sum mentioned above.


I money can be spent as scholarships for the university in school supplies or in training courses. In addition, participating students will be able to ask for advice from the proplayers of Fortnite during training sessions before the start of tournament true.

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