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If you want to log into your Google account from November 9th ... you have to!

If you want to log into your Google account from November 9th … you have to!

InternetDesk: As the number of cybercrimes increases, technology companies are taking stricter security measures to provide more secure services to users. As part of this, Google has revealed that users will no longer need two-step verification (two-step verification or two-step verification: two-step verification) to log into their accounts. Google made a key announcement in May of this year. Starting November 9, 2-Step Verification will be required for users to log into their accounts. “By the end of 2021, 150 million Google users and 2 million YouTube users will have to use this feature,” Google said in a blog post.

Two-step anti-verification?

Many users are already using this two-step verification. This is a shield provided by Google as part of protecting user accounts against cybercriminals. Google asks users to turn on 2-Step Verification when they sign in to their accounts. The OTP reaches the user’s phone or email after it is enabled. Typing it will open the account. Google says that if users don’t enable this feature before November 9, it will automatically turn on later.

How to enable?

* After logging into Google with your Gmail ID, right-click the icon with your name or photo.

* It shows Manage your Google account. Clicking on it will open the Google account settings‌.

* Click on the Security option and scroll down to see the two-step verification feature.

* If you see that it is off, click on it and it will ask you to proceed with completing the verification.

* Then OTP hits your phone. Two-step verification kicks in when you type.

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