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iFixit's teardown shows how similar the new M1 MacBook is

iFixit’s teardown shows how similar the new M1 MacBook is

iFixit now has Apple’s new M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.Of course, the team Tear laptop to find out what’s inside.. And air And that Professional We have set a groundbreaking new standard for performance and efficiency, but we have found that this may be almost entirely due to the M1 chip, not a specific design change.

For example, consider the new MacBook Pro. On the left is this year’s Intel-based model, and on the right is the new M1 version.

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The internal layout of the two computers is almost the same. iFixit points out that the M1 model uses exactly the same fan components as Intel’s predecessor. This actually improves the efficiency of the M1 chip, taking into account the difference in noise levels between the two computers.

The MacBook Air, on the other hand, is very similar to the Intel version, but with the fan completely omitted. iFixit expressed a bit of surprise that the Air and Pro designs didn’t converge anymore, given that the computers use the same processor, but the focus of Apple’s design here is existing. It was clearly to use the M1 as a drop-in replacement for Apple’s products.

Check iFixit for a complete disassembly for more informationIncludes details of the M1 processor itself, a complete list of other chips the team found internally, and thoughts on laptop repairability.

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