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Ikea Dirigera Hub listed in Germany

Ikea Dirigera Hub listed in Germany

Ikea description:

The DIRIGERA Hub is the heart of your smart home because it allows you to connect and control your smart products through the IKEA Home smart app.

Imagine waking up in the morning, turning on soft lights, opening the blinds, and listening to music, all without getting out of bed (or rewiring your entire home).

Equip your home with lighting, blinds, air quality products and speakers. Thanks to integrated technology that fits seamlessly into your interior, many smart features are literally invisible.

Our smart products work independently of each other. By connecting them to the hub, you get new ways to control and personalize your home – with additional features and capabilities when you combine multiple products.

You can control your smart home in different ways: with the IKEA Home smart app, remote controls, quick buttons, voice or motion control. Post individual products, groups, rooms or all at once.

When it comes to operation, we think of everyone: young and old users and their guests. While you can control your smart home via the app, our remotes make it easy for everyone else to use, too.

Have you found the ideal combination of cozy lighting and music? Then just save it as a “scene” in the app! By creating your own scenes, you can access the right background music for every occasion at the touch of a button.

Recall scenes based on schedules or manually with a hotkey or the app, e.g. B. if you want to turn off all the lights and other smart products with one touch when you leave the house in the morning.

Using the scenes you can z. For example, set the lights to come on when you’re not around, have the air purifier filter the air before bed, or lower the blinds during the day to block out the heat.

With the hub, you can easily expand your smart home over time as we are constantly expanding our range of smart products. It’s best to start with the rooms you spend the most time in, and start with smart lighting.

We are constantly adding new and improved features to the IKEA Home smart app to make your smart home even more convenient and practical.