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Important steps to increase the security of iPhone and iPad devices

Important steps to increase the security of iPhone and iPad devices

Increase the security of iPhone and iPad devicesWe cannot do without our phones in any way and they are the most used things throughout the day, we can use them for work, study or for fun, but phones are still a necessary thing in our day so when someone loses their phone , The first thing you fear is the information on the phone and the possibility of retrieving it. Again, or the phone is hacked and personal information stolen, so we offer ways to increase the security of the iPad and iPhone.

Update the phone as soon as possible

The initial update of the phone is an important and necessary point, as it helps to bridge the security holes in the phone, so that someone cannot access the phone and personal information, and Apple seeks to provide updates from time to time to increase the iPhone and iPad security.

Close the lock screen

A large number of notifications appear on the external lock screen, which allows revealing many secrets or information about the owner of the phone, so it is preferable to close the notifications so that they are not seen, opening the settings and then the face and password and start canceling any services you don’t want to appear on the lock screen.

Hiring a VPN

The virtual network protects the user’s movements on the Internet so that intruders cannot access them, and the VPN service adds protection and blackouts to their movements on the Internet.

Use a strong security pattern

Many iPhone users use the lock feature to lock security by touch or face and do not use security codes to lock the phone as it is considered a weakness for any phone user and for those who want to choose a front code on the phone. , it must be long and strong.

Insecure links

In 2019, a group of researchers announced that some sites were exploiting the security vulnerability of iPhone phones, that they could easily spy on users, but Apple strengthened the security of their phones and those gaps were eliminated, but certainly many users had their Phones penetrated Therefore, it is preferable not to click on any unknown sites or content sent by email, and be careful with sites with shortened addresses like

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