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in January in Play Store 7 free paid applications

in January in Play Store 7 free paid applications

2021 will probably be the year of the relaunch of Android on certain smartphones, which had lagged behind in terms of updates. According to reports, even though the phenomenon has ceased Huawei, Android would currently be the most used platform in the world for mobile devices.

The numbers are now very high: beyond 2 billion users worldwide. Users are delighted to have a platform that allows them to change every aspect of their mobile device. It is precisely the possibility of personalization Together with versatility to make a difference, obviously compared to everything the competition offers. A great hand in this regard is provided by the Google Play Store, trump card of the Android world. Within its categories it is possible to find all the titles of any field. Furthermore, the sales have allowed the public to download various payment solutions for free for several days.

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Android, just for this day you can download some paid titles for free

The usual list that we offer daily allows even today to download free applications and games from the Google Play Store. Therefore, Android users will be able to download directly from direct links.

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