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When will Brawl Stars' season 2, Summer of Monsters, begin?

In June, a new brawler with its own attack will appear on the broll star

Image via Supercell

Supercell made fun of some features coming Brawl star Next month’s latest episode “Brawl Talk.. “

The episode mainly focused on everything that will be released in popular mobile games later this month. But the last little clip of the video revealed a new blower and skin that will be released in June.

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In this episode of “Brawl Talk,” we only covered a short gameplay video of the new Brawler. Not even the name was revealed. Brawler is similar to 8-bit, but has only one eye.

Screen Grab by Supercell

Brawler’s main attacks are different from those previously seen in the game. Seems to shoot three orbs in three directions before converging to one point in front of the brawler. So it’s difficult to accurately predict and land all three shots.

Screen Grab by Supercell

But while landing all three shots seems difficult, it’s just as rewarding. In a gameplay clip, Brower dealt 2,940 damage when landing all orbs on one enemy.

In addition to the new Browler, three skins coming out in June were also revealed. These were Summer Pam, Evil Jean, and Constructor Jackie.

Screen Grab by Supercell

Supercell may make some changes to these items before they are finally released Brawl star next month.