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Pour utiliser la carte vitale dématérialisée en Sarthe, il faudra télécharger l'application ApCV sur son smartphone.

In Sarthe, the dematerialized crucial card that has been tested given that October

The overall health insurance policies card could be finished soon, at minimum in plastic format … As of October 1, 2021, 10 apartments, together with Sarthe you can check out the dematerialized essential letter, according to a decree posted in the Official Gazette on July 30. A essential card that will be right saved on smartphone and that it will then be possible for well being gurus to use at Sarthe. Created by the previous Minister of Overall health Agnès Buzyn as a result of “the electronic roadmap for overall health”, this gadget, if effective, will be popular all through France in 2023.

How does it get the job done ?

Starting Oct 1, Sarthois volunteers will be ready to obtain the software referred to as “ApCV” on your smartphone. As soon as the obtain is full, you should really commence to a few ways. Enter your social security selection, deliver a video clip seize of your identification card and at last send a video selfie with facial movement detection to show your true identification. After the components have been verified and validated, the dematerialized critical card is activated. From there, you no for a longer time have to have to current your plastic critical card to your physician, pharmacist or optician, you just have to current your smartphone with the software open up and implement it to the reader.

What does it give accessibility to?

Like the traditional critical card, the dematerialized variation presents obtain to reimbursements for clinical expert services and acts, but also to a digital health place, shared medical report or on the net appointment reserving. In Oct, the software will be legitimate at Sarthe only among health gurus taking part in the experiment. At the minute, the dematerialized card is now in the screening period in two departments: the Rhône and the Alpes-Maritimes.