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In simple steps, get rid of mobile phone addiction

In simple steps, get rid of mobile phone addiction

Process The telephones Tracks the amount of time the user spends looking at their screen, as well as the time they spend on Applications.

The first steps in getting rid of “phone addiction” is knowing how much time you spend on your device, which you can find out by going to the “Settings” menu and then selecting “Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls”, for phones running the operating system. .Android“.

As for phone users.iPhoneThey should open the “Settings” menu, then “Screen Time”, then “See all activity”.

It will display a graph of the user’s activity on the phone, the average daily time spent on apps, and the number of times the phone has been unlocked.

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However, the companyCamel“iPhone” has developed a feature that will impose restrictions on the use of the device, except when necessary, and this feature can be activated by doing the following:

In the “Settings” menu, select “Screen Time”, then “Turn on Screen Time”.

– Choose “Continue” and click “My phone”.

– Click on “Stop” or “Downtime”, then “Schedule” to have the option to choose the desired time.

– You can choose “every day” or “modify days”, and set the start and end times.

With this feature enabled, only the calls, messages, and apps you choose to allow will be available during idle time.

As for Android users, they can do the same according to the following steps:

Go to the “Settings” menu, then “Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls” and click on the graphic.

– Then choose “Choose a timer”, specify the time you want in any app, and then click “Set”.

The user can also limit the “notifications” of the applications by doing the following:

– “Settings”, then “Notifications”, then “Application Settings”.

Apps that have sent “Notifications” will appear below the “Recent” list.

– Click “All Apps” to view all programs.

– Choose the applications you do not want to receive “notifications” from, and select “Stop”.