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In simple steps, get rid of the nightmare of “WhatsApp” scammers


The technical website (wabetainfo) offers a series of tips for users ofواتسابTo protect yourself from fraud, which has become widespread throughout the world.

The site says that “واتسابIt provides a service that enhances the protection of the user, which is the verification of their identity through two steps, in which the user will be asked to provide Verification code (PIN), when you want to register in the application, after entering the 6-digit registration code.

When you do this, you can enter your email address to help restore your WhatsApp account, if you forgot your PIN.

To implement this security command, go to settings, then account, then choose the two-step verification service.

And the importance of this service allows you to add a second layer of protection to the account in The popular instant communication app.

And if you are not able to register in the application, because you do not have the verification code concentrated, you can reset it by requesting the reset link.

But there is a scenario that many people do not think about, there are methods that include the exchange of the “SIM” card, that is, the subscriber identification unit, scammers can assign your phone number to a new card of this type .

It is not easy, but it is possible and the consequences for the victim are catastrophic.

When they get their hands on your phone number, they will start using everything associated with it, including the WhatsApp associated with the number, to trick others, and 2-Step Verification prevents them from carrying out their scheme.

And remember not to have an easy verification code, like your phone number or your date of birth.

There are applications that can help you in the field of verification, for example (Google Authenticator).

As for incoming messages, you should always be careful with those that talk about packages that will reach the user and are always accompanied by an online payment link, which is often a fake site.

The solution to these messages is always to remember that they are usually unexpected (beck and they had no previous agreement), but these messages can come from a person known or unknown, and require a financial act or opening a link outside the application. .

And more deception, scammers try to steal money from users by inviting them to get discounts or quick profits, which is one of the most prominent tricks used.

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