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In Ukraine, 5 power units will be built in nuclear power plants

In Ukraine, 5 power units will be built in nuclear power plants

Since the document has yet to be published, it is unclear exactly where and in what time frame these blocks will be built. It is only known that the cost of the project will be approximately $ 30 billion.

The Energy Ministry, at the request of the publication, repeated that it was the fourth block of the Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant. Nothing is known about the rest of the blocks. Energoatom also did not answer this question. They told RBC-Ukraine that these could be additional blocks at some stations or new blocks that could be built to replace the ones that will soon serve their terms.

At almost each of the four power plants, the project initially planned to build more power units than there are now. For example, the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant project envisaged 10 units, and now 6 are in operation, in Rivne: 6 instead of 4. In some plants, the service life of the units is extended, but sooner or later there will be to install new ones. be built.

“For each station, we will choose where there will be the best economic conditions for the construction of new units. We will propose to consider options. But the final decision has not yet been made,” Energoatom told the newspaper. Regarding the funds for the implementation of the project, the company said that it could be Energoatom’s own investments, loans and investments.

The project to build new nuclear power plants can be very long-term. Furthermore, there is still no topic for detailed discussion, as the agreements between Energoatom and Westinghouse are nothing more than a declaration of intent, says Olga Kosharnaya, an expert on nuclear energy. “There is an energy strategy for Ukraine until 2035. What are the 5 blocks? They do not fit into any officially adopted document,” said the source.

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