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Incredible views! See Microsoft’s new office in India

Candidates arriving at Microsoft’s new Noida office will be surprised when Kovid simplifies the standards. This is because Microsoft’s new office design is inspired by the proud Taj Mahal in India.

In fact, it is not just an office. It is the equivalent of a luxury palace built by the company. Microsoft says its Noida office is strategic. As a result, the company has created a seating office for its engineers, incorporating local culture and culture.

It was designed by Microsoft India Development Center (IDC) in Noida. It is designed in ivory white with an ancient Mughal architectural style of cheerful work. The first Microsoft India office in Hyderabad was established in 1998. Later, Microsoft opened another office in Bangalore.

Rajeev Kumar, Managing Director of IDC, said: “All Indians can be proud that Microsoft has embraced a design that respects the rich artisan tradition of the country.” The new IDC facility will also feature large arched doors, painted walls and marble domes.


Microsoft said the new center will provide opportunities for engineering talent in business, productivity tools, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud and enterprise, core services and the new gaming segment.

micorsoft workspace

Microsoft has approached RSP Design Consultancy, based in Bangalore, for the office building. Designers say combining Mughal architecture and technology was a daunting task. On January 28 of this year, Microsoft released information about its IDC office.

English Summary: New Microsoft Office on Nodia, Unique Architecture

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