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Inka Bause is in front of the camera for the first time with her daughter Anneli Bruch

Inka Bause is in front of the camera for the first time with her daughter Anneli Bruch

Inka Bause and her daughter are working together on the RTL donation-a-thon. It is the first time that viewers see Anneli on a show.

Inka Bause and her daughter Anneli Bruch are together in front of the camera for the first time this Thursday, November 17. The moderator of “Bauer sucht Frau” and the trained master photographer worked together on a project for the RTL donation marathon: the “Farmer’s Calendar”.

To do this, the 26-year-old staged the cult of farmers from her mother’s show. The idea even came from her daughter. According to a press release, she noted that the station was still looking for a photographer for the farmer’s calendar. “I raised my hand and said, I’m a photographer, how about I do it?”

Anneli Bruch and Inka Bause: The moderator’s daughter is not in the spotlight. (Source: RTL)

Her mother, on the other hand, would never have had the idea, “because she never wanted to be on camera. So I thought it was so cute that she made the wish herself.” Bause goes on to explain that the farmer’s calendar is not just a “Bauer sucht Frau” family project, but a true family project.

“It’s the first time for me”

The calendar shows, for example, Narumol and Josef, Schäfer Heinrich, Bruno and Anja, but also the moderator Inka Bause. The profit obtained from the farmer’s calendar goes to the “RTL Foundation – We help children eV”. As part of RTL’s donation marathon, which starts on November 17 at 6 pm, the two will be on camera together with Wolfram Kons for the first time. The creation of the calendar will also be shown at Christmas in the program “The farmer seeks a wife: the great farmer’s calendar”.

“It’s the first time I’m in front of the camera,” says Anneli. “Of course my mother is a professional. I got some advice from her and asked her if we could prepare together.” Bause is “very proud of Anneli because she has always followed her own path and she has never let all of her outgoing family influence her.”