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Innovative in-store technology has potential

Innovative in-store technology has potential

Retailers can attract more customers with innovative in-store technology. That is the most important conclusion of the study ‘More visitors to my store’ of the Store Innovation Lab of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

In order to test the added value of a number of innovative store technologies in practice, the SIA RAAK SME survey began three years ago. More visitors to my store. In this project, Store Innovation Lab researchers analyzed the effectiveness of four promising technologies: interactive storefront displays, location-specific messaging, an AR display, and a mobile savings system with which customers can accumulate loyalty points through an app.

Of the four technologies tested, a mobile savings system turned out to be particularly promising: the entertainment and personalization of the mobile loyalty app contribute significantly to the store relationship and customer visit intentions.

However, the use of innovative store technology is often very careful. It turned out that an interactive display in the store window attracted more attention, but passersby first had to be aware of the display’s existence. And the app, which alerted regular customers to in-store promotions with push-up messages, turned out to have a major disadvantage in practice: the vast majority of the target group turned out to be unwilling to install a new app on their mobile.

However, whether a retailer attracts more visitors with the studied technologies is highly dependent on the direct benefit to customers. An augmented reality app that gave passersby a 360-degree cinematic impression of a pastry chef’s kitchen was found to significantly increase interest in cookies. Surprisingly, the AR images had little impact on the intention to enter the store. The curiosity or information needs of potential customers were probably already satisfied outside of the store.

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