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Instagram boosts Apple’s iOS ad tracking changes


Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri opposes a deliberate change to Apple’s iPhone operating system, which will affect the way other mobile advertisers track users. “We don’t think it has that much influence on Apple,” he said, pointing out Apple’s power as the only gatekeeper for apps that span the nearly billion devices used today.

Changes that affect Apple’s advertiser ID, or IDFA, were previously planned as a feature of iOS 14. This version is the iPhone operating system that will be generally available this fall. But apple Said last week It was Delay Rollout to 2021 “Give developers time to make the necessary changes”.

Apple said in June that iPhone users will be given the option to block tracking when they open the app. Advertisers use that identifier to better target their ads to individual users and estimate their effectiveness. But today, the option to turn off tracking is usually buried in the user’s options, but in many cases you can expect most users to opt out by placing it in the front and center.

CNBC’s “Squaw box“Friday morning, Mosseri said Instagram’s advertising business needs specific data to display ads that are relevant to its users and to provide value to its advertisers, most of them small and medium-sized. It’s a company.

“If the ecosystem changes and advertisers can’t really measure the return on investment, that’s the case. There are some problems with our business, but just as with all big advertising platforms. I have a problem. I’m not so worried in the long run. ” “It will be much more of a problem for all small businesses. There are millions of them who rely on us to target and reach their customers, especially when they are hurt. During the pandemic. ”

He argued that Instagram wants users to manage their data and understand what it has.

“We are really responsible and believe that there is a way to allow people to control data and data transparency, but we operate blindly without disturbing our understanding.” He said.

Instagram parent Facebook Being frank “It will have a significant impact on publishers’ ability to make money through the iOS 14 audience network,” he said.

“We need to insist as hard as we can,” Mosseri told Apple, the general public, policy makers, influencers and scholars, but said the company “owns most of the US market.” It was. Smartphone and “[controls] End-to-end ecosystem. ”

“They have a huge amount of power,” he said. “They can always decide that they can’t release a new app. Over the past few months, they’ve seen a series of articles, and even their influence and power over proceedings and developers.”

Apple It has been In a protracted battle With Fortnite creator Epic Games Since August 13, Epic Games has released a version of Fortnite on Apple’s App Store because it included a way to pay for in-game content without offering Apple the usual 30% discount. Apple removed the app from the App Store, and Epic Games sued Apple later that day.

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