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Instagram Username Ideas: 5 Creative Ways to Generate Unique Names


If you’re looking to use Instagram to reach your target audience, you might be wondering how to get started.

Maybe you have your profile picture all set to go but don’t have a clue on what Instagram username ideas work. Whether you’re using Instagram to promote your brand name or for personal use, your Instagram username can define the trajectory of your Instagram success.

If you want to know the right moves to make when creating your Instagram user name, then keep reading to find out five ways to pick the perfect Instagram username.

  1. Look at What’s Around You

So you made a long list of your favorite things, but nothing is jumping out at you. It’s time to start thinking big. Your Instagram account success depends on it.

Consider the town you live in, your high school mascot, or the first name of an older relative. Combine it with numbers that mean something to you.

If you want to remain anonymous, then take the opposite approach. Think about what’s not around you. Choose something that nobody would ever apply to you. Avoid using the same username for multiple accounts, and don’t use any part of your email address.

  1. Don’t Forget About Username Generators

If you’re still stuck after making lists and checking them twice, then try your hand at a username generator. There are a ton of options out there on Google you can try.

If you want privacy, online generators like Lastpass can help you find a secure username for your Instagram account. Lastpass functions a lot like a password generator with excellent results every time.

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You can try other generators like NordPass, which helps you find the perfect username for social media, as well as check if it’s available.

The Name Generator tool is a lot of fun if you’re looking to create a memorable and humorous user name.

  1. Optimize Your Username

Optimize your Instagram username, and nobody will have trouble finding you. First, you need to narrow down your primary keyword. Say, for example, you have a bakery business.

You know that if people want to hop on Google to find a bakery, that is the first word they will type.

So use this primary keyword in both your display name and @username. Keyword research is perfect to increase Instagram followers without following other people.

  1. Research Popular Instagram Accounts

A good thing to do is analyze your Instagram username idea against those of other accounts. Take a look at your competitors and which ones trend well.

Find out what usernames on Instagram are the most popular and make a list. You can analyze these names and compare them to your own. Making a list is the perfect way to visualize what names you see that work and what doesn’t.

  1. Consider Your Content

If you have a specific niche with specific content, then one idea is to focus your username entirely around the content you write.

If you’re writing all about camping or traveling the world, then focus your username on that. It will make you stand out more among the sea of Instagram users.

Find More Instagram Username Ideas

Now you know all the ways to get Instagram username ideas. You can get right to work.

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Remember, don’t be afraid to think outside the Instagram name box and get unique. If you loved this guide, check us out to see what else you can learn!