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Install urgent Windows Patch Day: BSI warns of risk level 5


After yesterday’s Windows Patch Day, the Federal Office for Information Security has already issued a warning. Users are advised to install the updates as soon as possible because they address a security vulnerability with the highest risk level.

This follows from the latest warning from the BSI BürgerCERTs. The security team has released a special security advisory after Microsoft yesterday announced the the traditional day of the patch began. With the March updates, Microsoft closes 71 vulnerabilities. According to that update guide of the Group numerous systems are affected.

Affected Windows Systems

This includes Microsoft Apps, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Windows in general. Some of the vulnerabilities are already being actively exploited, so both Microsoft and BSI recommend installing updates as soon as possible. The Federal Office classifies some of the security breaches at the highest risk level 5, which does not happen often. However, there are currently no details on the specific threats.

Therefore, the warning to the citizen CERT states:

BürgerCERT recommends the prompt installation of security updates provided by the manufacturer to close the vulnerabilities.

  • Description:
    • All current versions of Windows, various Office programs, Windows Azure, Visual Studio, Exchange Server, Microsoft Defender, and Microsoft Apps are affected. An attacker can exploit these vulnerabilities to execute arbitrary malicious code with registered user rights or even administrative rights, to bypass security measures, crash the victim’s computer (denial of service), and to disclose or manipulate information.
    • In some cases, this requires the user to open a specially crafted file, email, or website. For example, the user can B. in an email or when visiting a website.

Download Windows 10: cumulative patch for 21H2

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