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Intel discontinues premium bundle for Core i9-10980XE and i9-12900K

Intel discontinues premium bundle for Core i9-10980XE and i9-12900K

of Maximilian Hohm
Intel will phase out premium packaging for Intel’s flagship processors in early September, replacing it with simpler packaging. This is common practice when replacing a generation and understandable at Alder Lake. However, the question is whether this means that the Core i9-10980XE will also find a successor. Read more about this below.

Until now, Intel has liked to sell its flagship products in extravagant packaging so that all buyers can see what they spent so much money on and have a nice box for the collector’s shelf. However, Intel has now announced that this will no longer apply to current flagships in the form of the Core i9-10980XE and Core i9-12900K from September 4. Both chips are scheduled to ship in September in a full-size box like the smaller models, making them easier and cheaper for Intel.

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While the Core i9-10980XE is now an older processor, Intel hasn’t come up with a direct successor in the HEDT space to take its place, so in theory the chip is still relevant despite the lack of PCI support. -E 4.0. The Core i9-12900K still ships in a large box containing a plastic wafer. This includes the CPU. This too should be a thing of the past from September and only the Core i9-12900KS should retain this packaging.

The extravagant packaging is not a new step for Intel, which has been offering interesting and creative packaging for mainstream socket flagships since the 9th generation Core. Discontinuing this when a new generation is expected also seems common and has happened with the 10th and 11th generations as well. Replacing Alder Lake with Raptor Lake is expected, but perhaps an interesting replacement in the form of a workstation version of the Sapphire Rapids Xeon chips is also on the horizon for the Core i9-10980XE.

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