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The most secure password is a combination based on a passphrase. Evgeny Yushchuk, a member of the International Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals SCIP, spoke about this on the air of Sputnik radio.

He noted that the main difficulty with complex passwords is the likelihood of forgetting them. In the case of a passphrase, this risk is greatly reduced. “Relatively speaking, you can create a password” where I go with Piglet is a big, big secret. In this case, replace the letter “o” with zero, and the letter “a” with “@” and put an exclamation point at the end ”, explained the expert.

Yushchuk assured that the password created in this way is almost impossible to guess.

In March, DLBI’s data leak intelligence service listed the most popular passwords of 2020. The six-digit code “123456” remains the leader of the ranking. In addition, the high positions retained combinations of a simple sequence of numbers: “12345”, “123456789” or “000000”. Also, the passwords “password” and “password” are always popular. However, there are also changes at the top of the rating. In particular, password variations based on the qwerty letter combination left dozens behind and were replaced by “asdasd” and “asdfghjkl”. “I”, “love” and “hello” were also common.

Previously, the head of the Rostelecom security analysis department, Alexander Kolesov called ways to create a strong password. “The easiest way is to use a password generator. It emits a random set of letters, numbers and symbols ”, advises the expert.

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