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Internet speed bothers you: 5 tips on how to solve a problem

Internet speed bothers you: 5 tips on how to solve a problem

Low light, uncomfortable chair, and poor internet connection can really hamper your productivity. The reason for the slow network can be the connection of other devices throughout the day if other members of the household also work from home.

1. Move the router
The Wi-Fi signal is of better quality horizontally than the router. That is why it is better to place it on the floor of the house in which you are working. Place the router in a central place in the apartment, such as a hallway, to send signals evenly. It is better to put it on a shelf than in a closet because the more obstacles such as doors and walls, the worse the signal will be.

2. Connect the device to the network cable.
With all the advancements in wireless technology, connecting devices directly to a network cable will improve the network because cables are always fast and reliable. On the other hand, your device is no longer a burden to the Wi-Fi wireless network used by other household members.

3. Get a signal booster
Sometimes the problem is not with the bad internet, but with the weak signal in one part of the house. For a ‘dead zone’ that is far from the router and separated by multiple walls, it is best to install a Wi-Fi signal booster. If there are more problem areas in the apartment that do not pick up the signal, it is better to consider a new router.

4. Use a Wi-Fi access point
Almost all smartphones offer the ability to access a point and share a Wi-Fi connection. This will come in handy if you run out of internet at some point and need to get the job done. In that case, however, watch your internet usage.

5. Select a package with faster Internet
If your home has expanded and has more devices than a few years ago, you may need a new router and a different internet package, writes The New York Times.

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