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Interview: EVE Online Developer Talk Crazy Week, the future of EVE Online


To tell EVE Online There was an interesting october To underestimate what is happening in New Eden. Developed in Iceland, the Sci-fi MMO has undergone significant changes as more than a year of trigravure invasion is nearing its end.Resources have been reassigned to the whole Eve space.Landscape EVE OnlineThe new Eden has changed irreparably.

Oh, and the player didn’t break one Two world records in a day.

Events in the last few weeks of EVE Online But it didn’t happen overnight. The CCP Games team has been planning this story for a while, and according to CCP brand manager Sæmundur Hermannsson, seeing if it works in such a spectacular way can be exciting and bittersweet. did.

“I think a good way to say that is” I’m tired, but happy. “But it’s also sad because it’s a bit like “Joey-in-“Friends-“Sad” It’s an edit of the times. Two and a half years have passed since Bergur and CCPRise took the stage at FanFest in Iceland to announce the anomaly they were experiencing, which led to Abyssal Deadspace. One and a half years have passed since the invasion began, and at the same time, the invasion of the whole world began, and in nine months, we visited nine cities in nine countries. This week was the zenith of everything that was happening (no puns intended). “

As Sæmi said, T-Day was the day Triglavians established full control over the 27 systems that currently make up the Pochven region. Eve Online.. These systems in New Eden are completely isolated from the rest of the universe due to the destruction of the Stargate system between them. To enter these systems, you need a special filament that is not yet easy to obtain or move through the wormhole space. Still, you’re not out of the forest-you can’t easily return to a known space. Must pass through the wormhole or use filament.

Some players who understood what was coming were looking for the port of Trigravian Space, while others were stuck without a way to return to their home in New Eden.Players such as signal cartels Katia SaeHelped create an organized effort Help a left-behind encapsulator Return to K-Space and the rest of New Eden.

What does this mean for the future EVE Online Not really known yet. Triglavians stay here. EDENCOM fought bravely, but did not do enough to deny the system against invading alien races. And behind that is the intensified player war in recent weeks.

And that’s funny about all the excitement EVE Online At this point, the player war felt like a true background when compared to the PVE Shenanigan created by Bergur Finnbogason. EVE Online The creative director and his team are now improving their skills.

“This chapter is over, but this book isn’t nearing its end. It’s a book that keeps writing itself, we’re trying to guide it in a certain direction, and slowly we It gives books and communities more tools to write deeper chapters in this epic story. “

Last week’s theater included days of stargate operations, and many gates went down, including trafficked perimeters / jet gates. And it really surprised Berger. When CCP’s in-house band Permaband began playing their song “Wrecking Machine” at the gate, Bergur realized it was one of his guys trolling New Eden.

“What a hell! The moment Jita collapsed and the wrecking machine started … First-no one expected it to happen! This is the biggest troll I’ve ever seen in a game. It’s my troll. Being one of the people, I’ve never been so devastated in my life. I laughed a lot. “

About a year after CCP Burger stood on stage Eve Vegas discussed plans for the team to implement a quadrant release plan that is currently on track. Since then, the team has been agile in deploying updates, fixing issues, etc. throughout the year, and the quadrant update itself sets the tone for the quarter. EVE Online..

However, the release was not without problems. For players, killing Rogue Drone rats in K-Space is a quick way to build personnel in both EDENCOM and Triglavians, and many will stand in factions within hours 0-7. I soon started to notice that.

Bergur states that this issue is one of the drawbacks of working quickly, but praised the players who helped discover and terminate the exploit quickly.

EVE Online Jita Gate

“This is one of the drawbacks of running fast. This is one of the drawbacks of wearing a cowboy hat and deciding to run faster, and this can happen. .. […] This has been our attitude for at least a year. Instead of sitting and discussing for hours. It’s better to go in, try it out and deal with the results. Sometimes bad things happen and you really can’t foresee, but you can’t test these things on a test server where the loss doesn’t make sense for the singularity. “

“What’s impressive is how quickly this was recorded and communicated,” Sæmi added. Given the vastness of the place where this can happen. It’s also great that the community is talking openly about it. I think there were some discords trying to hide it, but we were able to get informed about it, get good information about it, and make adjustments, so we quickly found it. It was. it was cool. “

The· Next quadrant, Phoenix, kicked off last week. It means the resurrection of New Eden.Universe EVE Online As the CCP continues to say, it has changed irreparably. I wondered what was actually named. Does the CCP expect players to rebuild and recover? The phoenix evokes concrete thoughts about them, thanks to the myths surrounding the legendary bird.

As you can imagine, the game name is meant to evoke something from the player, and even from the developers themselves. And Phoenix definitely does. However, not only Phoenix, but even other quadrant names, according to Berger, stand out even more later.

“Looking back at Eclipse, I think you can actually read it in more detail. Looking back, if you look at the quadrants of Eclipse, there are so many different types. Solar eclipse That quadrant, and even the moment of Zenith.Just looking at Zenith now, without planning, this is very zenith-favorite. [The] The last three months have been full of zenith. The war, Nialja collapsed, the war was a kind of tug of war, and it really started to escalate from something very personal.Now Goon, their homes are being attacked and we are reaching these Masterpiece, Mythical week [with] In the Battle of Keep Stars, we are once again breaking the world record. “

Bergur also pointed out that when a name is assigned to something, it has a deeper meaning.

“When you really start looking at the zenith as a quadrant and what happened there, suddenly the name becomes this multidimensional being in a way. And there is something about the phoenix – Triglavian in the universe. It’s time to find their place, and now it’s time to establish themselves for them, build their homes, and make them their homes, and that’s a kind of phoenix rise. Then there is a war, a great war, and holy hell, you can apply the phoenix to it in so many different angles, and we have prepared for this quadrant. Some of them will undoubtedly affect the myth and depth of the word. “

The CCP always immediately points out that they are just sandbox caretakers or caretakers.Yes, they define PvE content and how it is presented, but you still have your particular behavior EVE OnlineEven when running PvE content, you can shape the course of New Eden. It was fully exhibited during the frenzied moon of the invasion of Mount Triglav, with players standing by the invading Mount Triglav and other players supporting EDENCOM and resistance. Triglav feels ultimately successful, but has occupied 27 different areas, but what happens to Phoenix if the EDENCOM army succeeds in fighting Triglav and turns those systems into fortresses? I thought I would.

“I think one of the beauty of the year is the control we give the player,” Berger replied. “I think one of the highlights of the year was when Sæmi pinged me like,’Holy hell, did you notice what’s going on?'” And Niarja has become a possible target. This was out of our control. Understanding the impact of that system, my heart definitely took an extra beat. For example, if the system collapses, that’s important. To be honest, I didn’t believe the system would collapse. As a spokesperson for EDENCOM, I am proud of Trig’s support for Sæmi. And I was convinced that it was a strategically important system. When I heard that Goons and TEST were actually on the other side, I was convinced that this would be an EDENCOM fortress.

“And when it fell? What a hell, we tried to send a message internally for those who didn’t understand its impact and its profound impact. [of the system.]”

“I don’t really know what happened,” Sæmi added. “If EDENCOM pushed more, I wouldn’t know what happened in the game. We never know, this is how the community did it. And this is the result.”

When asking an EDENCOM player who chose to stand by the empire about what would happen Eve, Berger just smiled and commented on his coffee, so I believe the EDENCOM story isn’t over yet, but he just hasn’t said so far.

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