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Invest in The Best Inverter Battery in India to Get Rid of  Power-Related Problems


You might have just got the best inverter, but your home power backup solution isn’t complete if you forgot to pay attention to the battery. The best inverter unit needs the best inverter battery in India, and only then the unit can be completely efficient. So, if you are still running your latest inverter on an old battery, it’s time to dump it for something that offers more value for money if you really want to get rid of all the problems that come with an outage.

Let’s look at how the best inverter battery in India can help you get rid of these 5 most common power-related problems.

Inadequate Load Handling

Inadequate load handling can result in inefficient power supply and can also result in power disruptions during an outage. What’s the point of having a backup if it can’t deliver power? The best inverter battery comes with great load handling capabilities and can efficiently handle your load requirements even during long and pesky power cuts.

Inadequate Safety Features

A battery without inadequate safety features like overcharge, and overload protection can prove detrimental for your expensive appliances at whom as they are at a constant risk of damage from power surges. Moreover, if the battery performs poorly in high temperatures, it can pose as a potential hazard. So, to eliminate these risks and keep your appliances and home safe, always invest in the only the best inverter battery in India.

Inefficient Power Supply

Your inverter depends on the battery for constant supply of energy during an outage, which is then passed onto to your appliances to keep them up and running. Therefore, it’s important that your battery is able to deliver efficient power supply throughout its service life. For this to happen, your battery needs to have both exceptional charging capability and power delivery. A mediocre battery will eventually give in due to poor build quality; however, if you invest in a great quality battery, you can be sure that it will perform efficiently for years to come and will keep your home appliances powered and running throughout its lifecycle.

Let’s look at a few battery options that are the absolute best in their class and are known to offer maximum value for money.

Battery 120 Ah – RC15000

This 12V, 120 Ah capacity battery comes with a 36* month warranty. It offers exceptional service life thanks to it’s next-gen robust tubular plates and offers superior backup in areas plagued with long power cuts. If you want a value for money product, this battery can prove to be a great choice.

Battery 150 Ah – ILTT18000N

The 150 Ah capacity, 12V battery comes with a 48* month warranty and offers superior charge acceptance. It has 30% more acid volume per ampere hour compared to other tubular batteries and comes in a high durability sealed plastic housing. It’s perfect of areas with long power cuts.

Red Charge RC 18000 Tall Tubular Battery

This 150 Ah, 12V tall tubular battery has excellent overcharge tolerance. The battery uses high-grade robust tubular plates and low antimony alloy, both of which gives it superior service life and low cost of ownership. It’s perfect for areas with long power cuts, and comes factory charged in a high durability sealed plastic casing.

Luminous has a range of stellar batteries across a range of budgets and power requirements and their products come with some of the best service lives in the industry. Moreover, the low cost of maintenance makes them value for money products which are unrivaled in the industry. So, if you are looking for the best inverter battery in India, check out their range of inverter batteries and bring home the one that will keep powering your home for years to come!

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