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IO Gear MMOMENTUM Pro MMO Gaming Mouse Review: Hot Bar with One Hand


The IO Gear MMOMENTUM Pro MMO Gaming Mouse is an interesting entry into the Kaliber gaming line. This RGB gaming mouse brings a wealth of buttons across the platform, but not as many as other performers. That said, it’s offered at a fairly reasonable price, has a wealth of customization, and has a form that feels almost perfect in the hand over time. Its abundant side buttons overcome some of the hassles left by other mice of this particular design, creating a completely economical and functional package for about $ 60.

Just touch your thumb to your hot bar

IO Gear MMOMENTUM has a total of 11 buttons on the platform. Normal left and right mouse keys, additional keys above the left mouse key, center scroll wheel key, plus and minus sensitivity keys behind and near the center of the wheel. There are 6 buttons on the top, 2 on the top and 4 on the bottom. It also features 100 to 16,000 DPI settings, an adjustable weight system, a braided 6-foot cord, RGB lighting, and a far-end finger rest design.

From the beginning, I must say that MMOMENTUM is very comfortable in the palm of my hand. All my fingers feel like they naturally fall into the contours of the mouse with the ring finger in the opposite groove, but the thumb feels like it’s within the range of all the buttons on the side without tension. I will. The only button I don’t like completely is the one at the top of the left mouse click. I feel that I need to stretch that button compared to all the other buttons.That said, the side buttons feel very well placed and avoid mouse-like annoyances. HyperX Pulse Fire Raid It will be similar.Not as much as side buttons and customizability Razor Nagapro, But it also doesn’t feature high-end price tags.

It may not be very useful if you are trying to put multiple hotbars within reach of your thumb, but it works if you can cycle the hotbars with the two buttons above the hotbar line. Overall, it feels right and comfortable for long-term use and has enough buttons to function perfectly, but the stretcher mentioned above is not. What’s more, the ability to move inside the mouse to reduce weight and make it lighter or heavier as you like is great, but it still gives you a very smooth and comfortable slide. It also sticks, tangles, or tears the rubber easily.

Macro to lighting customization

Out of the box, the IO Gear MMOMENTUM comes with six DPI settings: color streaming RGB, 800, 1,600, 2,400, 3,200, 5,000, and 16,000, and some mysteriously programmed keys. .. To customize mouse functionality, you need to visit the IO Gear website and download the software, which is a bit tedious. Like many other devices, all you have to do is load the software to support Plug and Play, and that’s exactly what it is.

When you see the MMOMENTUM customization menu, you have a great suite of options to explore. The strange programming I mentioned is in the side 1 key. Despite being an expected MMO gaming mouse, this key is programmed as a sniper key (holding down the key slows down the DPI and allows you to aim more accurately at the scope of your first-person shooter. Masu). The 2, 3, and 4 side keys, on the other hand, are programmed into the 1, 2, and 3 keyboard functions, respectively. It seems like a strange choice between hotbar-themed gaming mouse programming and cocammy programming with numbered buttons. Thank you for having the Sniper option to customize the function. I don’t think it should be on numbered buttons by default. Fortunately, this is very easy to fix and you can save up to 5 profiles to take advantage of the game style and input settings you want to play.

As mentioned earlier, the mouse also has RGB, but I think this is another issue that makes me feel undressed compared to the other mice I’ve seen with the same. It has so many effects you can choose and a full color wheel to customize your RGB options, but some colors are a bit too subdued to my taste. If you’re looking for a flashy mouse, MMOMENTUM has features, but it leaves something that Pizzas wants.


Ultimately, I really enjoy the comfort and functionality of the IO Gear MMOMENTIUM Pro MMO Gaming Mouse. Rarely do mice have a more natural feel that fits in the hand. It has everything you need to make games like League of Legends and Killing Floor 2 work, and many of the features are always comfortable to use, even without the specific buttons in 11. Inside the box, I had to do some work to get it to play the way I wanted. The need to track URLs and download software is always a bit of a hassle. Buttons 1-4 should be out of the box and programmed to 1-4 without me changing. Also, I think that RGB is a little too reserved among other devices I saw with the same function.

Aside from these minor grips, there are some great designs behind MMOMENTUM, and small grips are considered minor compared to the solid performance you get from your device when placed where you need it. It may be. All of this comes together for what I consider a decent investment tolerable in the $ 60 range.

This review is based on a review unit provided by the manufacturer.The· IO Gear MMOMENTUM Pro MMO Gaming Mouse The retail price is $ 59.95 Various retailers now.

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