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iOS 14.6 a corrigé des bugs de CarPlay, mais pas tous

iOS 14.6 fixed some CarPlay bugs, but not all

Drivers using CarPlay noticed problems with iOS 14.5.1, but the situation is improving with iOS 14.6. The update, available since yesterday, fixes various bugs. Unfortunately, not everything is perfect yet.

The above update might cause glitches when playing music. Here is a testimonial from a user:

Music app stopped working in CarPlay. When I click on it, it opens and then immediately closes and I return to the home screen. I have no idea what has changed. I made sure everything was up to date on my iPhone, rebooted the phone, and turned the car stereo on and off. Nothing works.

Another bug involved Siri with the inability to ask Apple’s assistant to read a newly received message. Or, Siri would start reading and then stop before it finished. Other people had problems with audio cutting out when using navigation apps.

According to user feedback, iOS 14.6 corrected some issues with CarPlay, including cut off audio with navigation apps. It seems that the issue with the Music app crashing has also been fixed. But not everything is perfect and users with the latest update continue to have problems, with some bugs in particular.

It is recommended to install iOS 14.6 if you use CarPlay, given the (some) fixes. In any case, it is interesting to note that Apple did not say anything about this in its release notes.

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