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iOS 14: These 14 hidden features show why you need to upgrade now


iOS 14 may not have major changes, but there are many small tweaks that add a lot of value to the iOS experience. We’ve been using iOS 14 Beta for several months and have spent some time with the OS creating a list of the best iOS 14 hidden features. Each of these features greatly enhances your iOS experience, whether you need a quick tweak to your privacy or a magical change to your FaceTime video call. Here’s something for everyone who uses iOS 14. These are 14 hidden features of iOS 14, compiled with the help of Gadget 360 Video Producer Aman Rashid And Shuham Raheja..

1. FaceTime eye contact

This was a feature that was supposed to come with iOS 13, but it’s still available. This will automatically fix it, making it look as if your eyes are facing the camera directly, as others are looking directly at them instead of some point under their face I feel it. To enable this, go to the following location: Settings> FaceTime> Eye contact..

2. Back tap

iOS 14 introduces a shortcut that allows you to tap the back of your iPhone two or three times to perform a specific action. You can configure various settings, such as a double-tap action called a screenshot, or a triple-tap to access the control center. To try this, you need to move to the following location: Settings> Accessibility> Touch> Back tap> Double tap or Triple tap..

3. Private address

To enable it, go to Wi-Fi settings and tap the “i” button right next to the selected WiFi network. This will prevent it from being tracked by multiple WiFi networks. It’s a really simple adjustment that adds a lot of privacy to your life. You need to make sure that it is enabled on all networks that support it. However, please note that some Wi-Fi routers or WiFi networks do not support this feature. If you enable this, a warning will be displayed on the screen.

4. Easier access to date and time

Previously, you could only change the date and time anywhere in iOS using the large scroll wheel. However, in iOS 14, you can now quickly select a date using calendar view style options, and you no longer have to scroll through the wheel multiple times to find the correct time, just enter the time. ..

5. Sleep mode and window down shortcuts

Sleep mode and winddown allow you to set your bedtime and wind down slowly for a good night’s sleep. But the best feature here is its hidden part. -You can add sleep mode as a shortcut to the control center. To do this, go to the Control Center. [設定]>[コントロールセンター]>[スリープモードを有効にする]..

6. Front camera mirroring

This is for selfie fanatics. Selfie images are usually mirror images, so if you have text on your T-shirt, it will flip horizontally. iOS 14 can fix it and open to do it Settings> Camera> Front Camera Mirroring.. This feature may not work on older iPhones such as iPhone 7.

7. Volume button as a camera shortcut

If you open the camera app and press and hold the volume up or down button, the quick take video will be triggered and the video will end the moment you release the button. Now you can go [設定]>[カメラ]>[バーストにボリュームアップを有効にする] Please set according to your preference. For example, you can turn down the volume and it will still be a quick take video, but you can turn it up and add a photo in burst mode.

8. Default browser and email app features 8-14

In iOS 14, you can now set the default browser and email app. This is still a fairly straightforward process. Go to Settings, find and open the browser you want to set as the default at the top of the search bar, and tap it. Default browser app > Set your favorite browser app as the default. Similarly, if you don’t use Apple Mail, you can open the Mail app you want to set as the default and repeat the same steps. Configuration > Tap Default email app > Set your favorite email app as the default.

9. Picture-in-picture (PiP)

Next to the list is Picture in Picture. This is a feature that everyone has long wanted. Ideally, when you watch a video and press the home button, the video does not stop completely and enter a second task, but the video playback is minimized. You can also hide this video completely from the screen. Even FaceTime video calls support this new feature.

10. Create a folder in voice memo

Voice memos allow you to create folders to help you organize your recordings. At the bottom of the voice memo main page is a small icon for creating a folder. To add a voice memo to a folder, select the file, swipe right and Blue folder Icon> Select a folder Where to move the file. Now you don’t have to look at all your recordings whenever you’re looking for a particular voice memo. Instead, you can find the file in each of the saved folders.

11. Enhance voice memo recording

You can also use voice memos to enhance your audio recording. When you record audio with the Voice Memos app, you will see a cane icon in the upper left. Tap it to reduce background noise, reduce echo a bit, and hear the subject clearly.

12. Add captions to your photos

You can now add captions to photos stored in the Photos app. To do this[写真]Go to, open any image and swipe up. A caption field appears where you can add custom captions. The good thing here is that this is searchable text. In other words, if you use the search function with the keywords you used in the Photos app, you’ll find photos with such captions. If you’re not happy with that default search option, keep adding captions and your search will be much easier.

13. Privacy function

iOS 14 has a number of new privacy features. In the settings, when going to privacy, there is an option called Local Network. With this new feature, apps always ask for permission before accessing the local network. You can disable the settings for apps that appear to be running nothing on your local network. Apart from this, you can also see all the apps that have access to contacts, locations, microphones, cameras and other options. We recommend that you provide as little information as possible to such apps. This is great for privacy.

14. Press and hold the back button

Did you know that there is a button back to iOS 14? Well, it’s not a physical button. However, when I go to multiple menus in different apps, it appears in the upper left. Usually there is a back button. Previously, if you moved to five different subfolders, you had to press the home button to return to the home screen, or press the back button four or five times to move to the main folder. This time, you can press and hold the back button to see the other main folders there and quickly return to that page or that folder. This is a nice tip and you should give it a try.

These are some of the best hidden features in iOS 14. Which is your favorite? Please let us know in the comments.

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