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iOS 16 will not be available for these iPhones, according to some sources

iOS 16 will not be available for these iPhones, according to some sources

Apple in the United States will release the iOS 16 update for its iPhones next year. And according to one post, iOS 16 will give up two older Apple smartphones, so those phones won’t be able to update with that update.

With every major iOS update, Apple in Cupertino, USA, sometimes abandons certain older smartphones. It is possible that this time it is the iPhone 6s.

This is according to the publication from France. According to that publication, with iOS 16, the company from Cupertino, United States, will abandon the iPhone 6s smartphones, but also the first-generation iPhone SE.

The 6 was originally released in 2015, which means that it is very old and can be considered old by smartphone standards. Over the years, Apple in the United States has provided major updates for this phone, while Android phones generally benefit from 2-3 years of major updates and up to 5 years of security updates.

Please note that just because Apple’s iPhone 6s in the US cannot be upgraded to iOS 16 does not mean that this smartphone it will no longer work. Only the owners of this phone will not be able to access the latest improvements brought by the new update.

Also, since the 6s is so old, iOS 16 may not be able to run on that one anyway. smartphone. If you still have a 6, anyone’s recommendation would be to buy a newer model to access the upgrade.

What do you think of the fact that Apple will give up the first generation iPhone 6s and iPhone SE smartphones with the iOS 16 update? Do you think it was time or that Apple could have released at least one last major update for those phones?