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Big update for the iPhone is here: everything changes with iOS 16.2

iPhone users suddenly have a new app: What changes with iOS 16.2

Apple Music Sing: the karaoke function comes to the iPhone

B.Based on the live text function, a karaoke function will be integrated into the music streaming service Apple Music. The new feature allows users to sing their favorite songs with synchronized lyrics and customizable voices.

Apple Music Sing offers different views for the lyrics. So fans can take over on front or background vocals or alternatively sing a duet.

The prerequisite for “Apple Music Sing” is an existing Apple Music subscription.

iOS 16.2: more innovations, but also a limitation

In addition, new lock screen widgets for sleep mode and taking pills on time will be offered. In addition, some bugs will be fixed, for example in the camera application, and a new “simple” mode will be added to the operating aids.

But also an unusual limitation with iOS 16.2: Apple initially limited the free reception of AirDrop data transmissions on the iPhone in China. German users are now also affected by the restriction. What exactly will change: Instead of the “Everyone” AirDrop option, there is only the option in the iOS 16.2 settings that the reception is open for a maximum of 10 minutes.