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iPhones get a big iOS update: These are the new features to look forward to

iPhones get a big iOS update: These are the new features to look forward to

9. Passkey: Apple wants to get rid of passwords and the new Passkey feature should do it. Use Touch ID or Face ID for biometric verification and iCloud Keychain for syncing between iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV devices with end-to-end encryption. Passkey also works in apps and on the web, allowing users to sign in to websites or apps on third-party devices using just their iPhone.

10. Live Text: Live Text has been around for a long time to recognize text in images. Now new: Detection also works on videos. Simply pause a video at the appropriate point and interact with the text. Live Text allows, for example, to quickly convert currencies or translate texts.

11. Dictate: Say it or write it yourself The updated dictation feature brings both together under one roof. Users can type on the keyboard, type in the text field, move the cursor, and use QuickType suggestions, all without stopping dictation. Also, the dictation feature can automatically insert punctuation marks and emojis.

12. Faster Updates: Updates always require a reboot on the iPhone. That could soon change or at least shrink, because with a technology called Rapid Security Response, it should be possible to deliver smaller updates between major updates, which can then be imported during operation.