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Is it expensive to use PhonePe?  More money is charged to recharge the mobile

Is it expensive to use PhonePe? More money is charged to recharge the mobile

Mumbai, Oct 22: Online transactions have made transactions much easier. Many tasks can be done from the mobile in a few minutes. If you are using the PhoneFay app for this online transaction, this is the news for you. Because if you use phone payment to buy groceries, reserve gas cylinders, water bill, mobile refill, you will definitely feel bad. Because using the digital payment company PhonePe has gotten expensive. PhonePay has started charging a platform fee of Rs 1 to Rs 2 on mobile top-up for some users. Even if any payment mode (UPI, credit card, debit card, phone payment wallet) is recharged, more is being charged. A company spokesperson said that those taking part in the experiment will be charged 1 rupee for transactions of 50 to 100 rupees and 2 rupees for transactions over 100 rupees. According to media reports, the spokesperson said it was a small-scale experiment. Most of the users probably pay 1 rupee and are active users. But nothing has been decided yet.

Schemes for those who have an account in a government bank; You will make a profit of Rs 4 lakh to Rs 28 per month, how?

The Modi government has been selling cheap gold since October 25, with discounts on online purchases.

Products from all insurance companies can be purchased on PhonePay

Recently, PhonePay reported that it received approval in principle from IRDAI for the sale of life insurance and general insurance products. As a result, the company said, it can now provide insurance advice to more than 30 million users. IRDAI has granted an insurance brokerage license to PhonePay. Now PhonePe can sell insurance products from all insurance companies in India.

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